Can't get spells to work

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Can't get spells to work
Post # 1
I would love to do magic, but most of the spells i have tried don't seem to work very well. I've tried several of the good luck/ fortune spells because they seemed like the best choice for a newbie. I also tried the hand to foot spell and embaldment, but those where hard and nothing happened. Eventually i would like to use dragon and vampire spells, maybe some of the flying spells too. So witch spells are good for beginners?
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Re: Can't get spells to work
Post # 2
hey if anyone knows what pussywitch is asking for i also would love to know as well. i to have had some spells that havent worked in the same way. plus im looking to use dragon magick and a flying spell to so please help.
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Re: Can't get spells to work
Post # 3

Your problem is most likely choosing the wrong spell.
I will tell you here exactly what is wrong with these spells you're doing.
They are fantasy, fluff.
They won't work. Simple as it can be.
No "Vampire" spells or "flying" spells will work for you, sorry to ruin the bubble.

Now then, if you actually want your spells to work, you need to make the right choice of spells to cast, which you can do it you know what you're choosing.
The spells you choose to cast basically have a huge influence over the outcomes you're expecting to get by attempting using some advanced spell work, which means they should be designed specifically for your intents, desires, and the main motived you had for the need to cast spells.
Using good spells is metaphorically the same as using good tools and packages for your living. Which is exactly why you must have a good spells while getting to work with spells and casting.

So, what you need is to have a spell which chooses specifically your intents as it was designed for this reason. Secondly, the spell must me comfortable for your use and you should be able to feel connection with it, which means that it is the right spell for you to choose for your casting.

Finally, the spell must be logic, and magically possible to achieve. Which means, spells associated with fluff and fantasy are a huge waste of time, which is something you do not choose. The real magic spells though, who spiritually has the potential to work, are the spells you should work with and get the best of results, considering the fact it spiritually has a lot of potential to work.

Whenever you're trying to look for a spell, check these criterions by asking yourself: does this spell choose my intents, desires and motives? Do I personally like this spell? (yes, you must feel good with yourself while casting the spell. It is important for you to like the spell as it's your "tool"). Is this spell accurate enough to achieve my goals?

Good luck, and do refrain for using fluffy / fantasy related spells.

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Re: Can't get spells to work
Post # 4
Do these spells actually work I am a big believer of magic and I really want to know
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Re: Can't get spells to work
Post # 5
HelloMay i know that how i know which spell is real and are beauty spells and time spells work
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Re: Can't get spells to work
Post # 6
The spells on this site do not work.
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Re: Can't get spells to work
Post # 7

Spells on this site site do work, but most of them so you have be carfull and choose the right "spell". There are reasons why your spells are not working.

  • Your not experienced enough, or you have not practised the basics of magick.
  • Your not believing, or when you have casted the spell your thinking negative.
  • you could of chose the wrong spell.

I suggest making your own spell, you have more chances of it working, just keep trying.

you will be succsessfull one day.


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