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Post # 1
I've been talking to people around Belgrade (in Serbia) as part of a study for the school. The study was about Corruption in general and Greed of people in power. Serbia has started a ....cleansing of the government and general public. A couple of corrupt officials were arrested and there were a few interesting things about them. Aside from the general remorselessness that the arrested show they also exibit frequent dilaton of the pupils so great that it consumes the iris and vomiting of a black substance which was not found in the tests of their digestion or pumping out their stomuch. As a practitioner of what i and people I've met call physical magic i have no doubt that it's a physical representation of corruption itself. The documentation of the wierd phenomenon was written in daily newspaper after the arrest of Miroslav Miskovic (one of the most corrupt people in serbia who is rated as one of the richest people in the world). So if you have any thoughts of this or opinions i'd like to hear them.
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Re: Corruption
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Corruption
Post # 3
Before I can take anything you've said as fact, I'm going to need a link a news site that ran this story, or if there is none then a picture of the newspaper article (with enough visible information to determine it is from a specific page of a certain newspaper) will do fine.

Anyway, I am a believer in physical magic, though this does seem like an unusually blatant use of it that is going to attract some attention. To me, that means that whoever did this is either did not think this through or doesn't care about these people being found. Since greed and corruption in general tends to lack a genuine motive or end goal (they take money for the sake of it and treat it like a drug), I would suspect that this spell or whatever is designed to harness their greed for a particular purpose, such as to gather money for someone else. Or perhaps this spell is designed to target corrupt people and effect their health.

Of course, there is also the chance that this isn't a spell and has no caster. Everyone has the potential and energy for magic, so it possible that we are witnessing a side-effect of these people's corruption. When my energy is out of balance my health tends to be effected, I can only imagine what the energy of people who have completely given in to greed and corruption, but never achieve what they truly desire, is like. In such a case, doctors would probably diagnose this as a psychological problem that is effecting their physical well being.

Keep us updated on what's going on, I'd definitely like to see the end of this story.
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