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Spell Writing
Post # 1
I'm curious, what do you do to write a spell? What factors do you take into account? I normally take moon phase, planetary alignment, season, etc. What herbs do you use, and what spells do you use them for? Candles, incence, and oils? Include as much detail as possible. I'd love to know what other followers of the craft do to write their spells/rituals. Also, where do you add these in your Book of Shadows?
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Re: Spell Writing
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Moon phase and day of the week.

I don't use many ingridients, I work with candles, oils and herbs mostly. I don't like incences, they distract me too much.

I like improvising, just adding whatever I feel suits the particular spell, and it seems to work best that way. Not just researching it and doing it how it is recommended, I do what I feel is best. And it works.I didn't have much success with doing spells as told by someone - I guess that a spell works best if it's personal and means something to YOU.

I've used weird things and I'm not sure if many others do it, but if something reminds me of a certain person/situation/wish/whatever, I just use it in the spell where needed. It doesn't have to actually represent that to others too, what matters is what it means to ME.

I also don't add anything in my Book of Shadows, I don't really have a BoS, I have a little notebook where I put info I'd like to remember - just tips, facts, etc.

But I don't write my spells down, since I don't use spells two times. If I re - do a spell, it doesn't work. I tried and it just doesn't... I guess my spells are one - time spells and that's it.

Basically - do whatever you feel is right and you think will work. I sometimes don't take advice because I don't feel comfortable with it and my spells work out.

So - do as you feel is best.

Good luck! :)

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