Fear in Every Corner

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Fear in Every Corner
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
We already know and are well aware of that many people don't want to be gagged. In fact this has became more of a fear than a punishment. I am not putting any blame in the Mods, but the fact that gagging seems to be the only punishment on this site. I understand that on the internet there really isn't much you can do but limit their freedom on the site.
What most of you don't know is that Pet has more ability than the mods because, of course, he created the site. I am sure he can change your password, change your name, remove your friends, and so on and so on. But we are not really scared of that because it doesn't happen much. Oddly because that is more punishable than just being gagged for 2 weeks. In 2 weeks you can go outside and play sports, read a book, play some games, and so many other tasks. While if he changes your password you are doomed to create a new account with the loss of your rep, friends, photos, posts, and credit to your old account. Maybe that is for the better?

Another fear is the fear of posting something. Let us say that you have taken the time to learn something that really isn't studied much. Or found a new way to do something that is better. Yeah you can post it on the forums but than you might get attacked by people because of your grammar, your idea, they don't understand or want to, they know of another way and that should be the only way, and so on. I cannot say for the whole site but I do get that idea and think that one of my posts will be pointless. I am half way of writing a post about something I have founded or wanted to discuss and I get the thought that it really isn't worth the attack. Or even having no one post anything on the topic really lowers my aspect of that idea.

The chat is a place for people to have a quick discussion about magick (supposedly). Just bring up an idea or a question and people on will answer it nearly right away. The issue with this and how it draws fear is the many people that might go against your answer. We all study different parts and some of us just don't study very much. Because of this we are not all going to agree of what a "spirit" really is because we all have our own opinion of it (I say opinion because we have either listened or read by some random source of what a spirit is, but we have never really taken a spirit and did random tests to see what it really is. But most of us can agree it is an energy based form). So on the chat whoever can tale the song will get the most agreements, right or wrong. The mods don't need to do that because not very many dare to speak against them. But there is more boredom and disappointment in the chat than fear. Right now they are talking about what their school system grade levels are, which really isn't a crowd pulling topic. Yes I know, I can try to start a topic but that will mean starting an easy topic we already went over 10 times or make stuff up and hope people know what I am talking about. That or I can jump into their topic and ease up.

Not sure if there is any more types of fear in this site. Really this post is pointless besides letting people know that this site isn't perfect. Even now I want to delete this because I know it is pointless.
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Re: Fear in Every Corner
Post # 2
Never is a perception of belief pointless, but the cause given up pointless. Each day I search out justice knowing that it will likely never be seen and if I understand your post that is your message in its most basic form. There seems to be a lot of issues on here but I have found a lot of great things here so if you can chose to flush away what people are trying to boil you may feel more satisfied!
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