Silver Threads?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Silver Threads?

Silver Threads?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I'm looking for information, someone to explain this to me.
About two or three months ago I started seeing these "things" in the air. They aren't very noticeable but I can see them pretty well. They look like silver, glowing lines that seem to float around everywhere, connecting with each other and sometimes, going into people's chests, even coming out of my own.
They're usually a white/silver/gold kind of color, most of the time they're rather see through and look like glitter floating in the form of a thicker thread or a rope-like thing. They move around kind of like snakes under water, They seem to float around and connect into other people, and sometimes, usually when I'm talking to someone I see the threads coming from their chest and from mine and connecting. When it happens, sometimes the threads change color, or brighten/strengthen. And sometimes I start feeling emotions that don't make much sense to me, or getting strange feelings.
I remember reading something about Silver Threads or Energy Threads or something back when I began studying, and I'm not quite sure whats going on. I've been asking people if they can see them too but usually they look at me like I'm crazy. but I can see them.
So I'm sorry if this sounds...crazy or something, I just have been noticing it and its starting bother me, I'm just wondering if anyone else sees these or knows about what they are.
Thank you
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Re: Silver Threads?
Post # 2
Sounds like you're visualizing your/others attachments or 'cords'... ALWAYS shield yourself when you're around others or out in public! You seem pretty empathic so you'd be one to absorb other peoples emotions and feelings, and if you don't shield yourself before and clear yourself after your energy will become very unbalanced and can cause all kinds of aches and pains, headaches, etc... We all have eatheric cords attached to people and things that you have an emotional connection with: to your Parents, Grandparents, your children, even to specific places like where you grew up(connected through your feet).
Doreen Virtue talks a lot about cord attachments in her books as I'm not that great at explaining more concisely, maybe worth a look.
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Re: Silver Threads?
Post # 3
Hi there
I had to register to tell you this:
I have recordings from my securitycam with flying objects that
you are talking about.
This is in my case a result of a mans hate against me. At most
its are a lot of them, now i have managed to reduce them to a few
but they fly trough walls, ground, doors.

I can send you a recording on cellphone if you are intrested

Sorry for my lousy english, im from Sweden
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