Hi,I'm desperate for help

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Hi,I'm desperate for help

Hi,I'm desperate for help
Post # 1
Hi everyone,
I hope that you are all well and can maybe help me.
I am having problems with some people in my life and just want them to forget about me and move on and also so I can heal and move on.

I have had a look at the spells on here but as a novice have never tried and don't want to make things worse for my self.
I know it's a big ask but I was wondering if anyone out there could advise me on how to clear out the feelings of hurt and get these two hateful people to leave me alone.
Any advice would be so very much appreciated.
H xx
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Re: Hi,I'm desperate for help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Hi,I'm desperate for help
Post # 3
i'm looking for the same spell!
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Re: Hi,I'm desperate for help
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
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Re: Hi,I'm desperate for help
Post # 5

since you said your a novice and don't want to use spells, so i would suggest YOU to move on instead of telling THEM to move on. Try to ignore them and react as if you dont even know them. They will eventually leave you in peace. :)

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Re: Hi,I'm desperate for help
Post # 6

Clearing out your feelings is basically a process you need to work on regularly, which means you'll need some self development and perseverance as for you're attempting to do with eagerness. The process will take quite some time, you'll work with yourself and clear your mind, you'll clear yourself from negative energies and thus you'll clear out your feelings as feelings are perceived as expressions of energy and its activity.

The idea hear is to develop a peaceful attitude for life, and forget about the things that may have happened to you during a specific period in your life.

My first recommendation for you, is to try moving on by yourself, with no much spiritual aid. Moving on generally means, keeping your life without a vital presence of the factors you used to rely on before the decision of acting against it and moving on. You will have to peacefully live your life without deeply thinking much of what may have happened to you before this.
Do not try thinking about how bad everything was before you got to your situation, no looking back at all. No regretting or feeling guiltiness for what's happened. Accusations towards other factors are superfluous as well, obviously.
Just clear your head, and learn living in the way you presently are.
Try perceiving your life with a positive attitude, no negative energies or attitude.
Keep showing a powerful, peaceful and a positive presence at whatever you are doing presently, and same thing with your future plans.

Secondly, I would like to review what you can do magically.
I recommend you to take a lot of spiritual baths.
Google the phrases "spiritual bath" and "spiritual cleansing" and check for the best of results you may see after attempting to search this online.
Bath with different herbs, salts, and whatever ingredients you see in instructions given to you by recipes online.
Spiritual bath will clean you:
-and Generally

Furthermore, you have the best too that a magic practitioner may have. It's called "Meditation", which is a term and a practice you've most likely heard before constantly. Meditation basically happens to be a process of mind clearing, calming yourself down, and cleaning yourself up emotionally (working on your feelings), which is exactly what you're looking for. I encourage you to look up for different meditation techniques which will certainly help you with living a peaceful life and clearing yourself emotionally.

Remember, do it regularly and you'll see great results quite rapidly. I am very happy to help.

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