A Problem Solving Dream?

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A Problem Solving Dream?
Post # 1
I'm having a problem lately. I'm not being able to read tarot, incubate and interpret dreams, cast spells. I was able to do them before. I've seen two distirbing dreams lately. Can they have the answer to my question?
In the first dream, I'm at home with a few unknown people but it seemed like i knew them. There was a pair of twin boys elder to me dressed in black. We have a tree before our house. The tree had lots of leaves in it. The green colour was vivid. There was a net around the base of the leaves and it had something in it, like a drop of water. I tried to reach it but the whole net fell on me and i couldn't get up. One of the twins helped me. When i looked closer i saw a pair of mirrors facing each other at the part where the two huge branches divide
Then in the second, I saw a wizard at my home. He wore a long black cloak twith deep blue designs. He had balck hair. He told me, he was the author of the book
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Re: A Problem Solving Dream?
Post # 2
The book 'Power' which i read and said that when he read my letter he had to answer it. I didn't send a letter as such, so I asked him which letter, he told he would give me the answer of from where did i get my powes to read the cards. I spent the whole day with him but he didn't give me the answer. I woke up and realised the author is not a man but a woman.
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Re: A Problem Solving Dream?
Post # 3
Perhaps, in very simple terms (emphasize simple) your magical signals of all kinds are jammed from the stress of the dreams. Sometimes, dreams are just dreams, don't get too caught up in it, relax, shuffle some tarot cards, practice, I don't mean to sound too cliche, but practice makes perfect.
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