Vampire spells

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Vampire spells
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Vampire spells
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I found some spells on how to become a vampire on the site. My first thought was "Why would anyone want to becomne a vampire?"

Re: Vampire spells
Post # 2
you cannot become a vampire you cant change your dna sorry

Re: Vampire spells
Post # 3

That is what I ask myself all the time...

From what I've learned, it a terrible thing to be a vampire and it's almost like a disease. I don't know why anyone would willingly put a disease on themselves...

Re: Vampire spells
Post # 4
yea i mean who would wawnt that at all

Re: Vampire spells
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
There are so many that want to become a Vampire and/or a Mermaid ect. They just can not get it through their head that it is not possible. I have had a few get really mad at me when I tell them it is not possible and that you can not change your DNA

Re: Vampire spells
By: / Novice
Post # 6
I really dont understand either. I dont know if its just sheer ignorance or sometimes a joke. DNA is DNA and you cant change that. I recently got yelled at [not on here] for saying dont try it just wont work.

Personally i think these spells need to be taken off of here because the majority of us know they wont work and when we share our knowledge, we get put down.

Re: Vampire spells
Post # 7

i agree with you sue they want to become so many diffrent things. We are sorry but you can not change your dna, its impossible and even if we could magick would not be able to do it.

Re: Vampire spells
Post # 8
You will find that many of these people who would believe in such spells are children. They seem to think that being a "vampire" would be cool. In my personal view being a "vampire" would have you terminated in today's society. Spells to become a "vampire" should be considered fluff and all belief dismissed. ~ Lightbane

Re: Vampire spells
By: / Novice
Post # 9
thank you for thinking that. i've always wondered myself why anyone see's it as a good thing. like the ending to Interview with a Vampire and Daniel Malloy, after hearing the whole story of Louis life, decides he wants to be a vampire. people see the romanticism of the whole thing, they hear the stories of seductive individuals, living forever in youthful splendor, and think it's amazing. sorry, i would not want any part of it, even if they were real.

it sucks there's so many of these spells, hopefully one day they'll all get sorted out, but for now, just vote them down and hit spam.

Re: Vampire spells
Post # 10
I tried one of these spells to see if my teeth would come back. It didn't work.

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