What makes a God godly?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> What makes a God godly?

What makes a God godly?
Post # 1
In many cultures and religions there is usually a God/Goddess or a number of deities that people may worship. However differences show up in the structure and personality of some cultures Gods. In the Christian faith God is suppossed to an all knowing divine being that is perfect. He is portrayed as a forgiving and loving God. It is very different in comparison to the Greek Gods who are seen as imperfect and very much human in personality. In my opinion a God is labeled such on two things: creation and destruction. They can create and they can destroy. This is just my opinion but what do you guys think? :)
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Re: What makes a God godly?
Post # 2

If gods can create and destroy would that make Humans gods? O.O

You bring up a good point about how different societies portray gods differently. Each society depicts their gods acording to their set of values, the greeks were more realalistic, the romans more war like, the norse more like vikings, etc.

In my opinion gods are any being that have amazing abilities that are more advanced than the current society. Take this scenario for example; you travel back in time 3000 years with a copy of all of our current technology and then use it, what do you think the ancient people at the time would think of you? Probally as a God.

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Re: What makes a God godly?
Post # 3
God was rebirthed by a virgen marry. A angle from the heavens above came to her and told her about her son that god is bestowing apon her and to name that child Jesus.
Jesus destiny was to teatch us about his father, healp others, heal people, bring piece ect.
God can communicate to his creations he can visit you in your dreams and grant you an internal life in heaven as long as you believe and fallow his commandments. He answers your prayers and he enjoys listening to children and hearing he people rejoice out to him. God forgeives everyone thats why we selebrate easter! Becuase its the day god/jesus was put on the cross and risen again to save us and forgive us. God is who created the heavens and earth... the animals the people... the sky... the universe. I hope some what of my knawlege helps you. :)
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Re: What makes a God godly?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Gods are higher beings that rule a particular area of creation with lesser beings working under them.

Humans portray them as having human and sometimes even animal traits because it makes it easier for them to relate to and understand that particular being. But truly, higher beings in their purest form are formless and beyond our comprehension. Some are more callus and others more emotion filled based off the energy they are made up of and govern over. Obviously a higher being of healing or love will be more compassionate and caring than one over death or destruction.

But what most fail to realize is that regardless of polytheistic or monotheistic views, there is always an ultimate force of creation that is usually left nameless, even in ancient Greek belief.

Even in Taoism and Buddhism, we can become gods by ascending our spirit, but that doesn't mean we can reach the height of power of the creator of the universe itself. Within Catholicism this is called "sainthood" and in Judaism these people become "angels" like Metatron did.

Those higher beings which are named that touch our lives personally are the ones that maintain what has been created, and have been created themselves from that nameless ultimate creator.

Christianity, although monotheistic, technically has a father, son, and holy spirit (3 personalities, 1 source) as well as a mother, and high angels (each with their own group of lesser angels that work under their area). Just because they only view it as one god, they maintain belief in multiple high beings. Just because they don't label them as a deity doesn't mean they don't honor them in much the same way that polytheistic believers honor their gods. Its just a matter of a difference in labeling, nothing more.
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Re: What makes a God godly?
Post # 5
Most religions ie Gods and so on are a way for us to set moral standards for ourselves and to try to use that to become better then what we are. Yes different Gods show different personalites just like we do but that I think is the key. The concept of God is a divine being that is greater then us on all levels. Not in a sense that we suck and they rule per say but they ascribe to a higher level of being/existance/mentality/level. That being said most religions are about being like they are. It could be said that we make in them aspects and personalites of ourselves but I personally believe that the idea of God made man in his/its image is correct. We exibit on a lower level that which he/it is and so we should ascribe ourselves to be like him or live up per say. I find it very very interesting that there are so many similarites in each religion but that is just me.
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Re: What makes a God godly?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Wonderful post Dillion. I agree.
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