Coven membership?

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Forums -> Covens -> Coven membership?

Coven membership?
Post # 1
I have tried to apply to a coven as a member and or leader of an inactive group. I have not heard anything back either way? Is there a time limit to the process?
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Re: Coven membership?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
If you applied to an inactive coven and were not allowed admittance, then the coven is most likely set so that the leaders must first approve all applications. If the coven is inactive, there is little chance of that happening. That being said, I would look for one that is active and can assist you with your goals and interests.

As for taking over leadership, it can take time. Pet reviews all applications and then decides who has the most experience and would be best suited for the position(s). As for how long the actual wait is, I can't say for certain.
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Re: Coven membership?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Sometimes a coven leader might not check the submitted applications every day so you could send a polite message to the priest and priestess. If they have strict rules and/or don't just accept all applications a polite message about wanting to join could sway them into accepting your application rather than declining it. As for taking over the role of priest or priestess of a coven that lacks leaders/is inactive the previous post about the process taking time is correct they don't just promote anyone to those positions and look at the applicant carefully. I expect it's highly unlikely to be put in charge of a currently inactive coven unless you show signs of being very knowledgable and dependable.
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Re: Coven membership?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
if you've joined an inactive coven to be a member, like mentioned above, some covens have it set so you need to be approved, or an application is needed. double check what the coven says in it's home page.

if you've joined an inactive coven to be the leader, if both priest and priestess are inactive, it falls upon Pet to decide who is going to lead. Pet's very busy, so be prepared to wait a few months.

third option is find an active coven to join that suits your needs.
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Re: Coven membership?
Post # 5
Some covens you need to be invited too in order to join
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