Karma spell help ?

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Karma spell help ?
Post # 1
My brothers wife is a very horrid woman. She has filed false claims against him to the police, but dropped them. She recently was " attacked " by him ( which I don't believe went unprovoked because she has a history of verbally abusing him ), and he went to jail and will be there for a few months and won't be allowed to see his daughter for 5-10 years. Now she's saying we can't see her and she's telling everyone she's the victim and that we're horrid people. She doesn't want us to contact her even though she can't stop us from contacting her legally.
( Sorry for that, ranting and don't want you all thinking I'm trying to get revenge for a pen or something )
So does anyone know any good karma spells ? cause I know sometimes karma doesn't come.
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Re: Karma spell help ?
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Usually, when you don't see Dear Karma's effects right away it means that the individual has something to learn from the situation or Karma is working on it.

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Re: Karma spell help ?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
The casting of a karma spell shouldn't be taken lightly and some believe that casting such a spell goes against the natural balance, nature, etc... Personally I believe it's ok to help karma along in certain situations. If the spell is worded right I also think that the effects should be negligible if the spell is cast on someone who doesn't deserve bad karma so the spell can't be used in place of say a curse or bad luck spell. I think there are a few karma spells on this site that are legitimate and posted one once myself. Sooner or later everyone gets what they deserve karma wise it may just take time or might be subtle as not all suffering is noticeable by others.
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Re: Karma spell help ?
Post # 4
Karma spells hummmm... Go into google search and do what the first person said.
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Re: Karma spell help ?
Post # 5

I am not familiar specifically with the 'karma spell' you speak of, I've honestly never heard of it before.

But now, lets move on to the answer itself.

If you choose to believe in karma, you should know what you are dealing with before you spread around misconceptions and jump to conclusions about karma. One should know what karma is before making a thread about it and asking about it questions which might be answered incorrectly. It seems like people say karma like a bell ring, as it meant nothing and as it was just a meaningless concept or game to play around with.

Karma, to say it shortly without too many details, explanations or descriptions, is what we call an anonymous divine force.
When it comes to anonymous divine forces, just like karma or what you speak of, it's not a good idea to endeavor to manipulate it. This probably isn't the best idea you could have. It's not something you should mess around with as it was a child's play or any toy you play around with, innocently.

You should read more and know what karma is before attempting to mess up with it or attempting to manipulate it.

Just take care of yourself and take responsibility over your actions.

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Re: Karma spell help ?
Post # 6
I think that the closest thing to what you're looking for IS a revenge spell,i would try this on.

I hope this helps.
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Re: Karma spell help ?
Post # 7
I would like to speak to you on this manner. Try this : Its simple but truth to the matter is sometimes in your face when you don't realize it: " speak directly to the person, I wish you no harm, but to see to error of your own way." Remember that all things happen in due time
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