how long will it last?

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Forums -> General Info -> how long will it last?

how long will it last?
Post # 1
If the spell was successfully long will it last? and hpw long will ot take effect? Noobie here
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Re: how long will it last?
Post # 2

Well for me it depends how much energy i put into the spell.

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Re: how long will it last?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

What kind of a spell did you cast? What was your intention with this spell? Depending on those things it will determine the manner in how this spell will work in my opinion.

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Re: how long will it last?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
i find that most every spell is different, each will have a different outcome, different length, different power, different starting times, etc. it really depends on the spell, the belief in the spell and the power put into the spell. sometimes the effects may wear off quicker than others, sometimes because of a low level of energy or will in the spell.

i usually take it by feeling, if i feel that the spell's strength isn't strong enough anymore i might recast it. certain kinds of spells -like banishing negativity, cleansing and protection spells - i try to do at least once every two weeks to be sure.

since you said you were new, take sometime studying and meditating, learning how to properly cast spells and build energy then you'll gain a sort of "sense" to when you need to do a spell again.

blessed be
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Re: how long will it last?
Post # 5
Well i mostly try casting healing spells as i'm quite weak sickling all the time. Sometimes i will do harmony spells as i'm in a new working environment. I do focus but maybe not yet goid enough. And i always find it follow by some candles and focus visualization. I dunno if its work. As i m still practicing. The most intense one was when the can holder breaks. And the fire is kinda angry? Panic n try to pour abit water. Instead of died down the fire seems to rose up high as if i pour in ketosene instead
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