transform spell necklace?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> transform spell necklace?
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transform spell necklace?
Post # 1
So i've wanted to be able to transform for a long time. I feel it would help me be more enthusiastic and stuff. I know it's close to impossible but if anyone knows anything plz let me kno. And by the necklace thing i mean enchanting a necklace with the power to transform.

Re: transform spell necklace?
Post # 2
Physical transformation is impossible unless there's surgery, diet control, exercise, a stylist, a good makeup and hair artist, and of course photoshop involved.

Even then you cannot transform into a beast or a mythical creature (photoshop may able to do this).

Charm necklaces are meant to transform something that's within. Please understand the difference

Re: transform spell necklace?
Post # 3
No offence but stop it. If Abicadaby wants a transformation spell help him find one. Im getting really sick of people saying things are impossible. Because people like mewme want the same thing.

Re: transform spell necklace?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Magi was 100% correct. Yes, it stinks having to hear that what you wanted is not achievable. But it is what it is, and it's better to be honest about it than sugar coat the truth: physical transformations are not possible, and are fantasy. No spell or ritual or necklace will change your physical makeup.

Re: transform spell neckl
Post # 5
Well instead of crushing all hope, maybe explain why it is un achievable. Tell them what charms are good for not just shoot them down. It might be more effective

Re: transform spell necklace?
Post # 6

I believe that Magi said "Charm neclaces are meant for change that comes from within", thereby explaining what they are used for. Please don't be aggressive. Peace :)

Re: transform spell necklace?
Post # 7
No body ever said you changed inside. I hate when people push down others ideas. I want that too. But, in my opinion, anything is possible.

Re: transform spell necklace?
Post # 8
Are you kidding? What do you want? wings or fangs? Not going to happen. Magick doesn't work that way. Learn the right stuff guys/gals. blessed Be...

Re: transform spell necklace?
By: / Novice
Post # 9
We have stated in mutiple threads that physical transformation is not possible, and yet people keep asking about it. Get your heads out of movies and TV and start learning for real. Inner transformation requires truth, not fiction. Fantasy worlds aren't trruth. Sorry to burst your bubble. Of course you can believe what you want. But take a look back through all the previous posts. See how many people have tried unsuccessfully to do transformations. When you are ready to get serious, those of us who know will be happy to help.



Re: transform spell necklace?
Post # 10
Oh come on anything is possible.

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