Help need mentor/teacher

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Help need mentor/teacher
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I have been interested in witchcraft/Wicca for about 2 years now i have met a few witches within those years but none are willing to teach for personal reasons. I don't know where to start. I've been studying books and learning from different websites to do with. I'm really really interested. is there anyone out there that could teach me anyone.
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Re: Help need mentor/teacher
Post # 2

Okay the best teacher is yourself you learn from your mistakes.

sorry when you make mistakes you witchcraft you find out them mistakes and work on them.

i recomend you start of with the basics.

thats the ony way your going to be able to do magick it to practise the basics ona dialy basic and get into the habit of doing them.

blessed be


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Re: Help need mentor/teacher
Post # 3
Magick is right. And once you have practiced the basics which can sometimes effect what path you think is right you might find a coven that can help teach you. There there will multiple people there to help you learn and grow. Hope that was helpful. But first you must, as magick said, practice the basics.
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Re: Help need mentor/teacher
Post # 4
There are no such things as basics other than two universal laws. Nor are there any schools that can teach magic. Such are the things that have made Rowling famous and very, very wealthy.

If you want basics, there are but two and an explanation of those would not even cover an A4 sheet. Basics? These are two things we generate and experience daily and yet don't recognise. Magick has certainly made a valid point in saying 'the best teacher is yourself' for ultimately it's only you who can feel the wind in your hair and hear the voices in your head and it's only you who can command your own destiny.

One coven will teach you their way and another, theirs. Are they the same?

We once knew what magic was, until folk came to ritualise it and start to put it into labelled boxes. Even Christianity started simply enough. Look at it now.

The witches you have met probably don't know how to teach. Why would they? Like the rest of us, they're human with all the doubts and insecurities the human carries like so much baggage.

Books and websites are a-plenty, as are covens. If you could read all that is written, what would be the common themes? Where is a list of these so-called basics?

Duntae, you seek a teacher. To teach you what exactly?
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Re: Help need mentor/teacher
Post # 5
I would also need a all kinesis teacher. I really need help learning them. I've tried so hard to do them unsucessfully I just need help. Can anyone provide me any tips?
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Re: Help need mentor/teacher
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
Do not mistake witchcraft for Wicca!
Wicca is a religion very loosely based on some of the old traditions.
Witchcraft, is a "craft"; not a religion. There are many books about Wicca, and it can be learnt from reading.Witchcraft cannot be learnt from reading. It takes a personal, hands on, teacher; and it takes many years.This is why a real witch would be reluctant to teach. Most witches learnt from childhood.
And by the way, witches rarely, if ever, cast spells!
And just because somebody says they are a witch doesn't mean that they really are! Witchcraft means so many things, to so many people, that the truth gets lost!
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