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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> help pleas

help pleas
Post # 1
can some one give me a realy powefull love spell that actualy works please
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Re: help pleas
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Why do you feel the need to Force someone to go against their free will? Why not just try talking to them. There are so many different ways to handle things without using magick. Plus messing with someone's free will..will end badly and/or back fire
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Re: help pleas
Post # 3

Lie sure said above^^ Whats the point of doing a love spell when your forcing them to love you.

Why would you want to force some one to love you for someone your not?

If you do cast a love spell. it going against her free will.

she will not love you for who you. i think you best move on in my opinion.

blessed be


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Re: help pleas
By: / Novice
Post # 4
most love spells do force your will over another, but if you're just wanting a powerful spell to bring love into your life, and not specifically a certain person, then that's fine. what type of love spell are you looking for? trying to get a crush to like you or you wish to have someone special in your life? if you want a specific person, just speak with them, maybe cast a little candle spell for some luck, but that's about all you should do.
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Re: help pleas
Post # 5
he already loves me its just he cant stand that my parents dont like him its causing us to grow further aprt i just want a a spell to help him get over the fact that my parents hate him ive done a few minor candle spells i created for luck and tried talking it threw but hes been having a ruff time with his parents and its only making things wors
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Re: help pleas
Post # 6
You should try talking to your parents about why they hate him and try to make them if not else to act polite with him. If he is a good guy and you love him your parents should respect your choices and try to be considerate. Look for other solutions before you jump to magic - it is not the answer to everything. And if you feel too uncertain about talking to your parents I could give you the spell I made to make my dad more open to hearing me out. made it myself so I can't promise it will work for you but if you want me to send it to you write me a pm and I'll do that.
If all else fails - then you look for a magical solutions.
All the best to you and I hope you resolve your problems soon :)
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Re: help pleas
Post # 7
thanks but i realy have tried every thing els ive talked to him and my parents and my parents always get tunnle vision about him saying that they dont care what i think they still hate him and wont hear another word of it
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