WhAt WaS tHiS "EnTiTy"?

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> WhAt WaS tHiS "EnTiTy"?

WhAt WaS tHiS "EnTiTy"?
Post # 1
1.Unkown Entity. 2-3 Months ago: I was about to project, wen I had some "unwanted visitors". I was all scrared, yet intregued, and wasn't about to leave my body with those jerks, so I just layed in it. Thats when I noticed something crawling in my window. I googled it the next day and all I found was: Manacu/Manacubus-an astral creature/entity, with oily black skin, wings, and black eyes, that tries (and mabye does, idr the articles exact wording) to kill astral travelers. I only saw the rear end and legs in the moonlight, the rest was hiden in the darkness of my room, so no clue if it had wings. It was oily and black, human-like, but with slightly animal legs, giveing it a "hairless, skinny wearwolf" look. I had a reaction like I've never had before. I stoped being scared. I can only compare it to "my instincts took over". I instantly sat half way out of my body, pointed out the window and very sternly and confdently said "OUT!". I'm prety sure it left, I was quickly destracted by the other entities again. Of all the animate things I've encountered in the astral, it looked the "realest"... I mean everythings vidid there, but just looked so "there" that the window it crawled threw (striaght threw the glass btw) looked blurry and fake. It doesnt scare me, I just wana know 1.What it was and 2.How do I get rid of it? I would MUCH apreciate any help on this.... Thanx all
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Re: WhAt WaS tHiS "EnTiTy"?
Post # 2

well, i have never heard of this creature before but my suggestion is you don't need to worry. You said you searched in google and found that it killed astral travellers but the reality is you cannot be killed on the astral plane. Even if something or someone kills you on that plane, then the worst that will happen is you will jump back to your body.

So i guess you needn't worry. As for that creature, i have never heard of it before, leave alone, how to get rid of it :P

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Re: WhAt WaS tHiS "EnTiTy"?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
i've never heard of a creature who is merely there to kill astral travelers. perhaps it attacks them, but no harm would come to your physical self. if it worries you, cleanse your house [or at least the room you project in] and set up a shield around yourself as well as your house to keep unwanted entities out. there might be more, but i don't know of such a demon/astral being, so for now treat it as a negative force.
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Re: WhAt WaS tHiS "EnTiTy"?
Post # 4
I agree with the above members. The worst that this thing could possibly do is try to leech energy from you through your astral form, but even that is very easy to defend against. Simply remember that the only one who can control your astral form is you and your will usurps all others upon you while on the astral plane. The only limits there are conceptual, as are every threat you may face.

I must congratulate you on dealing with the mancubus. That was the absolute best thing you could have done in that situation and I applaud you for handling it so well. Whenever facing a strange creature on the astral plane what you should always do is assert your position, you very clearly maked your territory and I doubt it will return.
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Re: WhAt WaS tHiS "EnTiTy"?
Post # 5
It was probably Slenderman...

Hah. Well, all kidding aside, I've never heard of anything like this. It has me intrigued.
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