And the Voices Out

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And the Voices Out
Post # 1
I have recently been honeing my skill to talk with spirits. I have been sucsessfull and have a good method, however, it requires me to "tune in" to them. I can identify when they are speaking to me, but even if I listen reeeealy hard I usualy can't hear what is being said. So, how do I make it easier to hear them? Or, how can I make it easier to "tune in" to the voice itself once I identify I'm being spoken to?
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Re: And the Voices Out
Post # 2
hey link7 are u new to spells of magic?i have seen your interest in magick,and i think u will become successful.But i have to say something.Please dont make multiple threads on the same becomes difficult for the moderator to clean the forums.if you have many doubts,just write it in the same thread instead of different threads.i hope u understand and co-operate with the others.
Blessed be
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Re: And the Voices Out
Post # 3
k, will do. I am new(ish) here. the only reason I posted multiple threads is that sometimes people dont want to read a long post... I have some more urgent qs, so I promise, il just post one more lol.
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Re: And the Voices Out
Post # 4
u can also ask people by mails and u can even mail me,but see that u dont post too much,its nt funny,it will be considered as spam!!!
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Re: And the Voices Out
By: / Novice
Post # 5
do you meditate and balance your chakra's? if the flow of energy in your body is unobstructed you'll have an easier time with magic, as well as your third eye will help you deal with spirits. don't focus on it alone, it's a bad idea to focus on one charka only. one being too open or too close can cause distress in your life. a third eye thats too open will cause migraines and extremely vivid imagination sometimes to the point where you can't tell if you imagined something.

there's also some teas you could try, but speak with your doctor to see if you're not allergic to anything. as well, look into crystals and stones, some have magical properties which will help you with spirits. furthermore there are times where it's easier to speak with spirits as the veil between the two worlds grows thicker and thinner throughout the year. as well, spirits go through phases of active and inactive. it's different for each one, some go through a weekly cycle, others yearly. the spirits in my home are all different, Rori is more active in may and october, and rather dormant through the winter months. this little girl spirit [whom i've yet to speak with] normally play in the hallway in the evenings, more-so in the fall than summer and winter. [so far] and i've know spirits to always be at the same energy, mostly because they conserve it, never over active or inactive.
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