learning to see spirits

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learning to see spirits
Post # 1
is there a way to learn spirits if there is how would you do that, theres one way i think if you learn to see yours and others energy field aka auras
is that correct if not how would i learn
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Re: learning to see spirits
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I wouldn't say that seeing auras has any thing to do with seeing spirits. I wouldn't say that you exactly learn to see spirits. I would say that when you see a spirit it is because the spirit let's you see them. Otherwise, they stay "hidden" from your sight. Some may come up and say "well, what about when I see one out of the corner of my eye?" or "what about how it is for a medium?" When you see a supposed spirit out of a peripheral view or out of a split second glance, you need to understand that these can be tricks of the mind. Thus, you need to learn to distinguish what is a play of the mind on seeing what you want to see from what is actually a spirit. Much like a medium would do when communicating with spirits. The medium is the catalyst for communicating with spirits. And this does not necessarily imply seeing a spirit. Many times one who communicates with spirits might hear the spirit and it relay in a voice much like your own. So you must learn to distinguish your own thoughts from that of an actual spiritual entity. Having a good spiritual connection can help. Sure, you could have it naturally (some would say it's being born so) or you may have to develop them with practice. Take for example a diviner. The diviner is allowed insight on matters. They don't have to be given insight. But at the same time it's a skill that is developed with practice. A skill that is developed with practice and being allotted connection to universal energies, threads of life, web of wyrd. The Nornir, Sisters of Fate, or universe allows you to make connections with whatever tool you use to divine. If they did not let you then it'd be for naught to even attempt. But since you are granted access, to a degree, for insight it takes practice to get better and more accurate with your readings and interpretations. Such is the way with spiritual communication. It takes practice and effort to get better. But at the same time you can make such contact with spirits - even see them at times - because you are allowed to. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to.
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