Question about a curse

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Question about a curse
Post # 1
I`m new into magic and black magic but I have a question.

So let`s say I have cursed some people by doing this : I took one piece of hair from every person, took finger nails from me and a piece of pork meat , a piece of my hair and a little blood of myself.

Put them together in aluminium foil and said this :

If I ever do that (ex : wear green pants) may something bad happen to those persons. Then threw away that curse mix in the garbage and then weared the green pants.

Let`s say that I changed my mind after the curse and I wanted to break it. How can I destroy this curse if I am the one who made it ?

If I did again the same mix with another piece of that pork meat and said : " May this curse never happen with the power of my will " and threw that piece away, will this make the curse no longer valid ? is the curse even valid somehow ? please answer
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Re: Question about a curse
Post # 2
please help i really wanna know your oppinion
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Re: Question about a curse
Post # 3
That might work.
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Re: Question about a curse
By: / Novice
Post # 4
sounds like you're on the right track, but i'd specify far more, and take away your own hair, it might wind up cursing you as well. your blood will charge it but the hairs are from your victims, adding yours might cause it to target you. i'd take the hair and say something like:

[name] you have wronged me. you have hurt me greatly. now [name] you will suffer too.

place the hair with the ingredients [say in a cauldron] and say something like

with your hair [name] may this curse be attached to you.

or something like that just to charge it, as well as direct it to your target. i only know the basics about curses, and never really looked into using finger nails, spit, urine and/or blood in spells so i can't help, but i'd just try to be more specific with your curse in case it backfires.

to get rid of the curse, if it's attached to you, i'd do a purification and protection on yourself. for the curse on others, look up a reversal spell to take off the curse. most spells though only last for a little while, so perhaps you should specify, like 'suffer for a week' or 'until you apologize' or something. i'd do a bit more research on the ingredients and curses before testing it if i were you, but it sounds good.
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