How to recant a new spell

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How to recant a new spell
Post # 1
I recntly had a love spell nullified (cancelled) by a guy I was goo friends with. He had another frined help him in the process. I picked up this fascinating looking red crystal and noticed this suspicious guy who was talking to my guyfriend at the bus stop. He circled the area after my guyfriend got on the bus to go home. It was'nt until this morning, that I realized the little red crystal was the issue. I broke it into small fragments and disposed of it and came to find that my drained energies were trapped in it.
For 2 months, I was depressed and feeling like I was drained.
And now I am woundering how I can recant a new spell in place of the old nullified one. I meant no harm in the first spell and this guyfriend took it the wrong way. I only did positive for him and it help him go to college and %100 on his test. I was also trying to help him get a new job and now I bet he still does'nt have one because of this.And him ending it like that (how'd he even know?) Seems that he was ungreatful of my help.
It was some sort of block and I broke it this morning. I also put a sheild on myself to block his energies and telepathy. It's already working. He was relying on only telepathy to communicate.
So the question again: How to recant and prevent the cancellation next time?
By the way I am Cristo Wiccan (White magic)
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Re: How to recant a new spell
Post # 2
merry meet ,i personly would put it in the lord and ladys hands. Wash my hands of all that madness ,I would also just go on with my life and ignor them .Whats done is done, why fuss over spilled milk , and the lady said you need to give it up lol.Do whats right for yourself everything harmful for you needs to be given up.other than that merry yule )O(
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