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Post # 1
I am trying to study the energies such as alignment of energy, sending energy, or just all energies listed on the SoM survival guide, all I know is that alignment of energy is that you must know when and where is the perfect time to cast a spell. Centering it, or creating it, is to focus on the energy inside of you and gather it in your hands. That's all I know, is this good so far? Please message me on learning all the energies listed on the SoM survival guide. Thanks!
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Re: Energies?
Post # 2

When it comes to energy the best thing is to work with it. Reading about it helps you understand the theory of it but if you don't work with it you will not understand the practicality of it.

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Re: Energies?
Post # 3
Centering energy is in no way simply gathering it in your hands . I have no idea where you got that idea.

Creating energy is not possible. You can only gather it , harness it , use it and so forth but not create it . You cannot create energy. Well , you do not have to use the energy inside you , neither do you have to put it in your hands or palms to use it at all .

Alignment of energy and knowing when and where to cast a spell is while holding some minor relations , that is not it entirely . Alignment of energy is also more than that . It is hard to put into words but for example , when one says his or her energy is aligned , it can be said that his or her energy is moving smoothly and his or we energy centers are proper .

Aligning energies is a broad term and hard to put into words , but it does not need to be in relation to oneself either . Energy in alignment can be said when all of it in a way fit together . Date , time and location need not necessarily be a factor at all .

So if you ask me whether you are doing good so far , I would have to say you are not doing very well .

Look up "Centering" and Alignment of energy"
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Re: Energies?
Post # 4
If I remember correctly , the survival guide was written by Othala . Keep in mind that survival guide is not a teaching post and is not meant to teach , but rather introduce one to new topics and concepts .

I know some people who tries to use it as a teaching tool , which it is not . Every now and then , with a few months gap , someone would pop out onto the chatter and complain U_U

Go visit Othala if you have queries with the article .
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Re: Energies?
Post # 5
I use the survival guide for me to get the idea what the basics mean.
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