Are memoirs a good idea?

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Are memoirs a good idea?
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Hey, all, Terravagus back to the site after a rather long period away, it does happen quite often these days it seems, and I started a project not that long ago. Just today I got to thinking that perhaps it may be an unwise idea and wanted the opinions of some others on the matter. To make a long story rather short, I've begun writing my memoirs, as it were, of my history and experiences with the magickal world as a whole. Things I've seen and experienced and all that, and I realized, reading over it, that if anyone ever actually read it it could, possibly, despite my continued warnings throughout, inspire someone who wasn't even close to up to the task to look into something well and truly beyond them which can cause, if nothing else, rather severe psychological trauma. I don't, of course, include any details in how to perform most of the more advanced magicks I talk about therein, but a lot of it is of the nature anyone with a bit of time, the internet and, in only a few cases, access to a credit card, could easily look up. Now I cannot say or suppose that half of what I've experienced is or is not in any way relevant to the physical world around us, and quite frankly a fair portion of it defies even my imagination half of the time, but I do know that it can have a deep and lasting impact on one's mind, regardless of whether or not it is, in fact, real. Should I keep writing my memoirs, even as just a log of my history with no detail, or should I scrap the project now while it's still in its early stages lest it inspire someone to get in over their head?
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