true Names

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true Names
Post # 1
Do true Names exist or are they the fact of fantasy
and if they exist do all tings have one (inanimate or otherwise )
and how do i find mine

PS feel free to direct me to a link

thanks :)
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Re: true Names
Post # 2
yea they exist as I know and meditation is only way to find them! I really have no Idea But I do believe
Bright Blessings
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Re: true Names
Post # 3
merry meet true names and regular names are both relative GOD has many but goes by whatever you call him but everything is what is a blanket is a blanket its also the son of michael jackson lol it is what it is yes in other languages are older ones but their are diffrent names im guessing your talking about the first names of things its irrevelent they are whatever you make of them if its a blanket it is one if it quakes like a duck and looks like one you call it one thats its name unless you name it henry but yes in older times when people named things they were given it the law of words of power and names of power says by knowing the old names of spirit beings gods and goddesses angels demons etc you gain power over them to summon them etc what solomon did why most spirits you call upon wont give you their name all those names of GOD are his and so is ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and DIANA /HECATE ETC those names have power now words of power means that everything you say words have the power they are named and can even be a prayer or spell so ABRACADAGRA-means manythings but the basic is GOD HURL YOUR THUNDERBOLT EVEN UNTO DEATH (ATTACKS someone) thunder is thunder lighting is lightning etc and calls upon them if you call upon something by whatever name you address its numen its indwelling spirit/energy that manifest them their magickal power lifeforce now your magickal name can be chosen by you given to you by GOD the GODDESS someone etc but your true name has power over you ask GOD what ever you want to know listen to him talk to you mentally have a great yule blessed be )O(
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