I'm looking for answers

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I'm looking for answers
Post # 1
I've recently had an experience with magic that I'm not sure how to really explain and I need some answers so that I can piece together what has happened and how I should proceed. I also need to know if I'm dealing with a demon, a ghost, or a Norse deity(it has to do with my recent experience)and I need to know what I should be prepared for. If someone could help me, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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Re: I'm looking for answers
Post # 2
I think the first logical question people would have to ask you is what was this experience? It's very hard to tell you what may have been going on without some details of it.

I'd also add that be open to it being something other than those three options. Even if the experience turns out to be the actions of some form of entity there are a great many spirits out there of many different types almost all of which are able to lie or disguise themselves as another. However as I said without more details it's impossible to be even remotely specific unfortunately.
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Re: I'm looking for answers
Post # 3
I'll message you about my experience.
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Re: I'm looking for answers
Post # 4
My dad has been saying he is cursed forever, but only recently did he say he as haunted. Mentally.
We did a spell to bring him peace, and to better understand what was afflicting him, we sprinkled an antique mirror with frankinscnese oil and blessed water. We also lit some resin of frankinsese. When we sprinkled we said "Show yourself but do not cross".
we moved away from the mirror, i moved right, she scooted left.
Then i saw a red glow, I had seen minutes earlier and I realized it was not a cigarette. I mentioned it, but then above it came the ghost/demon. He looked right at me when I said 'oh my god'.
I am unclear still if he is evil of just dead. For at first his eyes are black and redish, but when he turns to look dead at me, i can see whites of his eyes and dark pupils. I do not know. But I certainly know now my dad is haunted.
I put the link to the video on the paranormal investigation page of our site
we never caught anything like that before!
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Re: I'm looking for answers
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Introduce Yourself.
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