My Blessing Smoke

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Forums -> Herbalism -> My Blessing Smoke

My Blessing Smoke
Post # 1
When I do any sort of ritual, I normally use these items in my smoke.

Dried Rose Petals
Dandelion petals
Juniper Berries
and Red sand, the last part is a bit harder to get for anyone who doesn't live near a red tinted area. I used to live in Sedona, and on my last trip there I took a few bags of red sand.
I have also started implementing Dried Saguaro fruits.

I use this smoke to start any ritual involving other. I use this to protect, and bless those taking part in the ritual.
When my old friends wanted to do astral projection, I would always use this to make sure they stayed safe on their "trips"

I have a few other herbal medicines that I use, but I will post those elsewhere.
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Re: My Blessing Smoke
Post # 2
red brick ? for red soil?
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Re: My Blessing Smoke
Post # 3
No, red soil, places like Sedona Arizona have a reddened soil
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Re: My Blessing Smoke
Post # 4
Red soil is found in areas with a lot of sandstone. Southern Utah is an example. All the red sandstone in Canyonlands area. Also, some mountainous areas have the red soil the OP mentions. I know of several areas if I want red soil.

Red brick dust can be used if no red soil is around. Aren't bricks just dried clay? And red bricks come from red clay. Most of the normal colored bricks come from that color clays, sands, etc. When people start asking for specialized colors or brighter colors is when added color elements are added. I worked for a company that delivered/made bricks and blocks. Semi loads of red clay would come in. Red sand, black sand, etc.
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Re: My Blessing Smoke
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Do you actually burn the sand too ?Or you are simply using it to fill your incense burner in order to keep it heat isolated ,so it will not become super hot .
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