whats a great spell

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whats a great spell
Post # 1
Trying to find a good love spell thats easy never did one of these im curious lol whats a good one that you have done yourself?
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Re: whats a great spell
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I wouldn't suggest that you cast a love spell on a particular individual, as it would influence their will. Such spells are not recommend as they can have karmic backlash.

If you are interested in casting love spells, I would suggest that you try one to bring love into your life not one directed at a specific individual.
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Re: whats a great spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Wonderful advice, Lonicera. Couldn't have said it better myself.
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Re: whats a great spell
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I agree Lonicera, not only that but often directing a love spell at a specific individual ends badly, the heart rarely knows what it wants. By instead simply drawing love into your life allows things to develop more naturally and you'll probably find that you're happier with the person you get than with the person you wanted.

As for the general spell there is no such thing as an easy spell as all different practitioners have preferred methods of casting meaning that what I might recommend may simply not work for you. Instead try looking into the various herbs, crystals, colors, incenses or other tools that are thought to promote love and try cobbling together your own spell. If this feels like a daunting task though then your best bet is to take a look through the suggested spells on here and see which feels right (note that it may not be the same as which feels easiest or has fewest tools to cast). Once you've got the spell tweak it to include any other elements that you may have found in reading through the others and omit anything that just doesn't feel right to you and you'll get the best result possible out.
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Re: whats a great spell
Post # 5
For Crystals... Rose Quartz is the one to work with as it is the Crystal of Love in general. It helps not only with that, but with love of ones Self.
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Re: whats a great spell
Post # 6
well, sometimes love spells aren't the best idea, but here's a spell, get water add sweet things such as sugar or hot coco and garlic then make a pentagram using a spoon then make the circle around the star three times saying " Water earth air fire and spirit make (the persons name) love me" and give the person the potion to drink, that's a spell I got from some where that really works. Sugar symbolizes sweetness of the heart and a sweet attitude, hot coco is also sweetness of the heart, garlic symbolizes the heart. Garlic is also known for protection in certain magick so it may also protect them. Also I heard red or pink candles symbolize love. I heard sometimes if you call someones name or say come here psychically in a sexy voice it may draw their attention or make them feel love or attraction to you.
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