healing heart and mind

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healing heart and mind
Post # 1
I need some help please. I found out about 3 weeks ago that my husband was texting and sharing private pics with another woman. when i found out i blew my top. I confronted him about it first which he denied so i text and called the girl. she admitted that they have been talking for about 3 months (needless to say one of those months was our anniversary). To make a long story short I decided to be the better person to forgive him, made perfectly clear to him that even tho there was no physical contact, that in my book it was cheating, told him my wants, needs and expectations and that i am willing to repair our relationship and marriage to make it stronger than it has ever been. He is truly sorry for what he did and promised me that nothing physical will ever happen nor anything like that will happen again and he is willing also to repair our relationship and marriage. BUT.. i am having problems truly healing from this and i keep dwelling on it. Is there someway I can heal my heart and mind from this pain and not dwelling on the past (im really bad about dwelling on things) so that we can move forward and start rebuilding our marriage?
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Re: healing heart and mind
Post # 2
As a general over time routine to follow... Wake up each morning and remember a good, positive thing about the marriage. During the day if you start to think about the problem, think of another that was resolved fairly instead. When you go to shower/bathe once a week add an oil to the bath that brings you happy feelings. At night before falling asleep remember your memory from the morning. Try falling asleep while thinking about it.
I hope that everything turns out all right for you!
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Re: healing heart and mind
Post # 3
I really hope so too. thank you for your advice. I set aside a white pillar candle to absorb all my depression(im bipolar too i might add) a few days after the incident. that helped a lot with the depression and anger the days i used it , think it could help me on this too?
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