spell for my gf

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spell for my gf
Post # 1
pls help me to find a efective spell for my gf that i love ,, cos right now i think she hates me so much for what i did yesterday dec.7 exactly on my bday.. for almost 2 yrs that we shared she always making a promise to me that she will be with me,, but its always broken ,,, cos her mind always change .. last night we have a fight ,,, cos she didnt come for my bday ... before she didnt come also ... then i go and need to see her .. i force her to come with me ,,, she said wait me when i go in your house and ill not go home ,, ill be with you ,,, but i didnt hear what she said ,, then she said you will not be happy cos you force me and not wait for me to come in your house ,, only thing i think is a promise again that always broken ,,, but i love her so i let go of her so she can get home ,,, but she said ,,,i never forget what you do ,, i dont love you for what you did ,,, this is over ,, i do realy love her ,,, i dont want to loose her ,,, pls help me how her angry will to me will gone ,,, i know she love me ,,, help me how to cast a spell for her to love me again and forgive me what i did ,,, pls im begging !!!
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Re: spell for my gf
By: / Novice
Post # 2
There are two facets of love spells most people don't know:

- They are non-specific. Using personal effects from the target during the spell can help to clarify your intention, but that's not how they work by design. They draw ALL potential love to you.

- They are prone to catastrophic backfire.

What love spells supplant in a target's mind is the initial rush of romantic feelings that is onset during the so-called 'honeymoon period' of a relationship. This may temporarily obfuscate any ill-will in her mind, but it isn't gone. After all, spells wear off. If the problem isn't attended to, it never will be, and any reconciliation you come to while she's under its effects will always be suspect.

Besides, if she has a running trend of not showing up for your birthday, she doesn't sound like she's worth the extreme karmic repercussion that often results when we use love charms on unsuspecting victims for our own selfish gain.

To use an example within my own life, my husband used a love spell ten years ago, and the women he affected during those ten years are still a creepy, possessive, stalking thorn in his side. He's on their mind now, in all the wrong ways. (What's that phrase? Something about a 'woman scorned?')

Totally not worth it.

So try this instead: let her go. If she loves you, she'll come back. If she doesn't, you have your answer.

Good luck, and blessed be.
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