I weird Dream I had...

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I weird Dream I had...
Post # 1
So lately I've been wondering whether God would accept me as a Christian Witch... I've been one for half a year now, yet I've always been drawn towards magick, and I don't do it to harm anyone, but I do use Tarot and I can't help feeling the second I die I'm gonna burst into flames or something... Aside from that, I had a dream last night, and I really wanted to know your thoughts about it.

I was at Virginia State University, my dorm was my old room. I was practicing magick to move items into my closet. My dorm mates questioned my faith, and I told them I believed in God. I tried the spell to move the stuff again even though I knew that that type of magick was impossible, but this time I used a wand, and the stuff moved an inch. I saw it move some more, but it was just my dorm mate moving it herself. They seemed annoyed, and I felt guilty and unaccepted...
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Re: I weird Dream I had...
Post # 2
Well trust me my dear practioner, that God WILL love you and accept you. You do no wrong, there for there is no reason to try you for and wrong doing. The dream describes a scenario that symbolizes, your fear for not wanting to be accepted. Don't look too far into it. I promise you that your faith is real and you will NOT burst into flames and go to hell for practicing magick. Magicka is apart of us and it's natural to practice it, so don't worry you will not burn or anything. I promise you!
Blessed Be :)
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Re: I weird Dream I had...
Post # 3
Thank you! You answered the question I've been trying to answer for the longest, I feel like 12 tons have just been lifted off my shoulders :D
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Re: I weird Dream I had...
Post # 4
Your very welcome. I'm very experienced with a lot so if you need any more help figuring out dreams and such then just send me an email. You can add me and message me anytime if you would like!
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