will this really work?

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will this really work?
Post # 1
I really want and need some input with this one! There is a guy that I was kind of talking to but one day out of the blue he just completely stopped talking to me. It's been a while and I still can't stop thinking of him so I decided to try a burning ritual, to get him out of my head, in the hopes it would work (or at least help). Hopefully with this being the full moon it will work.

Here's the other part... On the new moon I want to do another ritual that will have him want me. I want him to see how bad it hurts so he doesn't do it to anyone else. I'm a little nervous that it could back fire, aka karma, and it will happen to me ten fold.

I'm really interested in anyone's thoughts or experience with this.
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Re: will this really work?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2


I truly do not believe in love spells. I know I posted one; but that is to encourage a new love. Not have a certain person love you because you love them. Love can only ever be natural; or love is not love. It means love is only natural. If it's not natural, then it's not love.

And he should love you for you. Not because of a ritual or a spell. Maybe he just wants to be friends. Just let it be, that he isn't in love with you as you are. For love, I wouldn't do a love spell. I'd rather have it natural.


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Re: will this really work?
Post # 3
Hi Roseblood,

I may have worded it wrong but I'm not in love with him nor do I want him to fall in love with me. I did have strong feelings and lust for him that I thought was mutual. I have come to find out that he will say whatever he has to to get what he wants, which in this case was to sleep with me. I denied him because I'm a lady after all :) and because of that I never heard from him again. we went from constant contact all day to crickets....

So for me I only want him to feel the lust I have/had and how it's not right what he did. I certainly don't want him to do this to another girl because it's a sucky feeling! I'm sure he hasn't ever had it done to him because looking at it now I don't think he's capable of caring for anyone other then himself.

I do agree with you that I would only want some one to love me if it was natural. However, I wouldn't mind someone getting a little dose of their own medicine.
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Re: will this really work?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4


Yes, you have worded it wrong. But it's okay.

I don't know about the...thing, but try the Burning Ritual or something else. That is all I know...

Anyway, goodluck


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Re: will this really work?
Post # 5

I did a burning ritual tonight to the full moon with the hopes this guy will leave my thoughts. I plan on doing another one on the new moon as well for the things we discussed before. Thank you for all you input it is always much appreciated!
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