Crystals that aid AP

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Crystals that aid AP
By: / Novice
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I?ve chosen here a couple of stones that embrace more than simple function of assisting in astral projection. I focused on those stones, that while helping astral travels , may also be used to shield the physical body during the travel, and few of them also help grounding the astral body, once done with travel

Hawks eye ? is a very good aid in Astral traveling, and is a great protective talisman during astral travelSodalite ? boosts any spiritual abilities and workings, while providing protection against negative spiritual influences

Apophylite - strengthens the connection astral body - physical body [5] and facilitates transfer of information into astral body. Aids Astral projecting.

Ametrine ? to me it?s a par excellence astral projection stone, for it helps astral traveling g greatly while simultaneously ( and constantly ) weakening any spiritual attack Lapis Lazouli ? Eases any type of spiritual jorney , deflects the spiritual attack

Rutiliated quartz ? Induces and eases Astral projection , good all ? around protective stoneAngelite ? Enables out of body experiences, protects the body from all sort of harmful spiritual influences , and for that can be even taken in form of an elixir ( stone essence )

Kunzite and Moldavite ? are widely known as stones that will facilitate Astral projection and make the experience less traumatic and more safe

Amethyst ? helps Astral projection, protects and help heal any possible physical trauma, while keeping the mind calm and focused Double pointed ( double termination ) Quartz or Quartz with black tourmaline ? helps better direction, focus, facilitates astral projections and repels negative influences. Also is great aid in grounding the astral body into physical.

Tunnelite ? is another crystal that offers minor help in astral projecting, but greatly strengthens the Astral cord

Alexandrite ? Very good for inducing any kind of altered state of consciousness, particularly astral projection, and was often worn as protective talisman. Strenghtens one?s spiritual power and potential

I apologize for any misstype, misspelling and errors, was typing was
Have a blessed day
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