Patron deity

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Patron deity
Post # 1
How to find ur patron deity?
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Re: Patron deity
Post # 2

Research into them may help you find a connection to one. Meditation will clarify things. Deity often goes hand in hand with certain practices and choices of path.

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Re: Patron deity
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
They may also reveal themselves to you in different ways; such as dreams, visions, sudden inspiration, etc.
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Re: Patron deity
Post # 4
I used to be very hung up in doing everything according to my ancestral heritage. I kept my witchcraft totally separate, and only practiced Celtic Reconstructionism religiously for a long time. But eventually, my religious life starting fizzling out, I guess, and I did lots of meditation, writing, and praying to the universe in general. I thought about my life, even before I began identifying as Pagan and realized that I've had the calling from Egypt pretty much as long as I've been able to read. It was my favorite civilization to learn about in elementary school, I studied abroad in high school to do Egyptology even though at that point I was already practicing Celtic Recon. I've always loved pyramids, scarabs, and all Egyptian iconography. As soon as I started paying attention to these interests in a more involved way, my religious life completely opened up. It's been about a year since my 'switch' but it's been a total renaissance for my spiritual life. I've had my first direct experiences with the Gods through meditation and dreams, my witchcraft is taking off in new directions and successes I haven't known before.

So sometimes, you need to just realize that you've had your pantheon, your patron or matron Gods, the entire time. You don't need to look for them, you just need to sit back, open your eyes, and greet them. And really, meditation and then journaling about your meditations is a great help to stay organized.
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Re: Patron deity
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

That was lovely advice katharine, thank you for sharing with us. As i learned and experienced the aspects of the gods i naturally gravitated towards one.

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