Patron Deity Hecate?

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Patron Deity Hecate?
Post # 1
So i feel like i have finally found my patron Goddess. Hecate.
So recently i just got out of the hospital for being hospitalized for depression. At first i felt very closed off and isolated. But after a few days it blossomed into a spiritual journey. I met someone who was into magic and paganism as well. He had brought a few books with him and let me browse though them when i was there. We shared ideas and thoughts back and forth the whole time while being there. He taught be how to do tarot readings with playing cards and we were doing them on other people. But back to my main story, during the first tarot reading i was observing him do on someone else, "Hecate" popped into my head. I felt an overwhelming sense of happiness. I began drawing goddess symbols in my journal and i felt a connection to her even though i didn't know much about her at the time. I feel like Hecate was there for me and helped me get through being in the hospital for a week. My illness has improved since. And i do not think it was just coincidence that i walked by this guys room when he was reading a book about magic and felt compelled to ask what the book was.
Since then i have done some research on Hecate and she has to do with darkness and dogs. I feel like she helped me through my dark time. And previously to being admitted i found that coyotes are my animal totem. I feel like nothing has been a coincidence. I feel like Hecate is reaching out to me.
What do you guys think?
If you have one, how did you discover your patron/matron deity?
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Re: Patron Deity Hecate?
Post # 2
I hope i posted in the right topic
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Re: Patron Deity Hecate?
Post # 3
Hi, I believe this a really positive manifestation of a possible spirit guide or deity. Whatever helps us move forfard in dark times when we are depressed and unhappy is definitely a good sign. Do keep in touch with your friend who helped you discover this and meditate on this to get more information. I wish I were as lucky as you because I haven?t yet met my guardian and wish I could soon!
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