Making a Wiccan Staff

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Making a Wiccan Staff
Post # 1
Hello everyone! I've finally decided to start making my own tools for my practices instead of merely buying them(making them much more personal), and was wondering if anyone had some pointers or advice on how to make things such as a staff or an athame. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Making a Wiccan Staff
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Forging your own weaponry? That's quite an endeavor in this day and age.

My only suggestion related to athames is NOT to forge them out of steel. Some extra-planar creatures, namely elementals, fear steel, and having any tools nearby when you attempt to summon them forged from it will make the process more difficult, if not impossible. Also, athames are traditionally black-handled.

If you're making your own weapons, you should also make your own boline. They're used in lieu of athames to perform practical work related to magic, such as cutting thread or drawing small amounts of blood. (Athames lose their power if they draw blood, and must be destroyed and discarded immediately. They can, however, be /anointed/ in blood.) Bolines are traditionally crescent shaped to represent the moon and white-handled.

As for staves, they are traditionally carved from oak, a tree associated with Jupiter. Try to only remove inessential parts of the tree - or better yet, use branches that have already fallen.

Good luck, and blessed be.
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Re: Making a Wiccan Staff
Post # 3

There are plenty of reasons to make your own magical implements:

1. It teaches you new things, such as metal engraving and carving.

2. The astral forces that taint it are localized.

Making a staff sufficient for magical purposes could be as follows (this is only an example):

1. Find an old tree, at least a centries growth and acquire one of it's larger limbs

due to age. The age and beauty of the tree imbues it with certain virtue, especially

if it has had beholders (those who see it) whose thoughts then perfume the tree.

2. Shave it. Create a conventional water of exorcism, using clear water (prefferably from

a stream due to it's purity or bottled, unlike treated tap water) and crush fragrant flowers

therein, recite the exorcism over the salt and cast it into the water and mix it in.

3. Then clean it with this water of exorcism.

This creates a perfect physical conduit for extra physical forces and hence

a magical staff. Consecrate it by dedicating it solely for magical purposes and

store it in your altar or other cabinet, closet, &c. The dedicatiion is performed mentally

then recited orally. It is to aid in the efficacy of the consecration which is merely the

dedication of the item to avoid it becoming tainted.

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