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Ouija Boards
Post # 1
This is just a thread to discuss them, (PLEASE do go saying there not real and fake,they are indeed not just a game.) You can share your experiences with this board,and I also play it by myself is there any sort of cautions i should take whilst playing by myself?
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Re: Ouija Boards
Post # 2
You could try casting a circle and after you're done the session, cleanse the area. I have talked to who I believe to be my parents with a board. It's still dangerous because when you use a board, it acts like a "portal" and lets the entity in. So it's inviting of negative entities as well.
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Re: Ouija Boards
Post # 3
theres an entire forum post on this i think just use the search bar
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Re: Ouija Boards
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Other Spells Discussion.
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Re: Ouija Boards
Post # 5
I have a question about an experience I had with an Ouija board. I'll describe the situation first as that would be the best way to understand my question. It was five weeks ago when I was doing a candle magic spell. I had given one of the candles an offering and the flame got higher and higher and I was unable to control it. As the flame kept getting higher, the Ouija board under my bed(I wasn't using it for this part of the spell)started acting up and it was banging up and down. I tried to find out why the board was banging up and down, however, I was unable to do so. I had to extinguish the candle as it was starting to become a potential safety issue and I had to throw it away in the dumpster as most of the wax had been used.

My question is why was the board banging up and down and did I set off a chain of events by what happened with the candle and the board?
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Re: Ouija Boards
Post # 6
Maybe by the spell you were summoning someone or something you did not know,
It could just be telling you not to do so
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Re: Ouija Boards
Post # 7
I was trying to summon someone(I didn't care if it was human or not)for a mate. Over the past few months, I had given the candle my hair, my skin, my saliva, my mucus, and my nails. All I needed to do was to give it my blood. I tired to cut myself, however, I can't do it how matter how I tried; so I got the blood via a visit from mother nature. After I put the blood in the candle, the flame went out of control and kept getting higher and higher. It was shortly after I went looking for a way to extinguish the flame that it started banging up and down.
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Re: Ouija Boards
By: / Novice
Post # 8
What makes summoning spells cast by knowledgeable witches different from ouija boards in terms of safety is that a well-versed witch knows how to pinpoint their target, or at least protect themselves from uninvited guests. Communicating via ouija board is an open invitation to anyone (or anything) listening that you want to talk, and often times, maliciously-motivated beings are more than happy to oblige.

To complicate matters more, because ouija board communication is simplistic, malicious beings can easily disguise their intent and be mistaken for benign spirits.

So, when using a ouija board, be mindful of the following:
- It's VERY difficult to talk to specific spirits through a ouija board.
- The information you were given during a ouija board communication may be false.

There are a few ways to tell if what you're talking to is a demon. If it ...

- talks in riddles
- is stand-offish, pushy or rude
- propositions you; makes deals, bets, offers, etc.
- avoids giving you its name

... it's probably a demon.

If you suspect you're speaking to a demon, cease communication immediately. Sprinkle salt over the board to purify it, then sweep the salt away with a besom (the witch's term for 'broom'), literally and metaphorically 'sweeping' the remnant magic energy away.

If you intend to use the board later - and again, this is ill-advised - wrap it in a consecrated white cloth and keep it someplace safe and hidden. Do NOT attempt to communicate within three days of your last try; wait until you feel the demon's presence is completely gone.

Ouija boards are no joke, and if you don't know what you're doing, you can invite VERY bad creatures into your home without even knowing it.

Blessed be.
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Re: Ouija Boards
Post # 9
I had a friend try to help me as best as she could where I used to live, however, her health prevented her from doing much. I know in my head that I should purify the board afterwards, however, in my heart, my soul, and spirit I feel like I'd be vanquishing something(or someone)and I feel physical pain when I even think about it; sometimes its quite extreme and I've woken up to numerous bruises and cuts on occasion. I also feel calm, relaxed, and relieved(especially of a sexual nature) when someone(or something)is around me. I may not be able to see them, touch them, or taste them; however, I do talk to them and hear them and I feel a strange sense of content whenever I interact with them; especially if their of a malevolent nature.

I'm well aware of the inevitable outcomes whenever I interact with them and while I know I should be terrified from a logical point of view, on an emotional point of view, I can't see myself being without them.
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