an extreme example

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an extreme example
Post # 1
Lasr night as i sat down and watched one of my favorite horror movies, i started thinking about the posts i had seen covering the topic of karma. Now while im not a big believer in it myself. I thought this movie had great examples of karmic retribution. The movie is called Pumpkinhead.
In the story, a man named Ed Harley loses his son to a tragic accident. He is hit by a dirtbike. After that happens Ed takes his son to an old witch named Haggis. She tells him she cant raise the dead, than asks him what he wants. Ed tells her he wants vengeance. So she has him go to the old pumpkin patch graveyard and dig up a body to bring to her. He does. With blood and dark magick, Haggis summons the demon of vengeance...Pumpkinhead! Pumpkin head goes to destroy the people who killed eds son. But with each death ed sees it. Feels the pain of pumpkinheads victims. He tries to take back what he had done but is unable to. By the end of the movie vengeance had so taken root in eds soul that the only way to destroy pumpkin head was to kill himself. Which i dont recomend by the way. But ed had reaped what he sowed. And was cursed by his deeds to be the next pumpkinhead. Thus his punishment for the evil he had commited was returned to him. But instead of mercy in death, he was cursed with life. And would forever be slave to his own vengeful heart.
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Re: an extreme example
By: / Novice
Post # 2
i've heard of that movie [think i watched it once, don't quote me] i don't really believe in karma either, i use to, now not so much. i prefer the old phrase 'be careful what you wish for'. like the example above, he wanted revenge, thinking it would bring him peace, but it tore him up inside, and wound up cursing himself. i find karma is a guide line to make people think before they do something, stop and ask themselves 'will this effect someone negatively?' while it's not magically or karmicly going to effect them, maybe the scorn person will seek revenge [ever for an eye thing] in a way you could call this karma, but it's more someone feeling hurt and wanting things to even out once again.
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