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Energy help
Post # 1
Since I am new and a beginner on spell casting I don't know how to gather energy or use my own.if anyone can give me some pointers or tips that would be great,thanks.
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Re: Energy help
By: / Novice
Post # 2
can you meditate? if so, you can try while meditating. [if not, people will dance, jump, drum, sing, and so on to gain energy before a spell] while meditating, feel/visualize energy entering your body from the universe. visualize white/silver/blue light coming towards you, and feel it rushing through your body. [as you continue on with energy work you could try making psi balls with it]

when you wish to ground, visualize roots leaving your body and traveling to the ground, then feel the energy leaving your body, following the roots to the ground. [if you're not meditating, you can stomp your foot, lie down, slap the ground with your hands, and so forth]

that's a very basic explanation. try different things and see what works best for you. i'm sure there's some articles that can also help on the site, poke around.
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Re: Energy help
Post # 3
I have never meditated before and I haven't had much luck on the psi ball but I'm willing to learn all of this.ive read many posts on this site and I know how some of this works I'm just confused on the getting energy part.You have cleared it up for me mostly so I'll practice what yu have said and experiment with it to fit me,thanks.
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Re: Energy help
Post # 4
First keep in mind and fully understand that everything in nature releases energy, this includes you. Now that you know that everything releases energy you must find a way to see or sence it. After that you can go ahead and try to move it and direct it how you wish.

This is an example on what I do:

I had a sore throat one time, and I am one of those people who will not go to a doctor for anything. I strongly believe that doctors will actually get you worse just so they can get more money out of you. Instead, I try to read different books on the health and in herbal remedies.

At that time I didn't have any herbs but I knew that healing belongs to the element of water.

I took a bowl of water and set it on the floor. I sat crossleged in front of it and began to relax and concentrate with my eyes closed. Everything you see or experience from this point on should be from within you.

In my mind I knew that everything natural (and sometimes the unatural) releases energy. In my minds eye I saw my soroundings and I focused on the water before me. I then began to see what looked like steam comming off the water and going upwards, just like what steam naturaly does. Sometimes you'll see this steam to come in different colors, it depends what you are looking at.

Next I knew that I am natural (anything not created by man/woman is 100% natural. We were created by Earth and Sky, therefore we are natural) so I began to see my energy exit my body the same way that I saw the steam leave the water. Note: as long as that something is alive it will always release energy.

I focused some more and with my will power I willed the healing energy of the water to come to my throat so it could heal and sooth it. You can do this by physically moving your hand over the water while at the same time seeing it in you minds eye. See how your energy wills the water energy to move with your and direct it into your throat and seeing a blue light there as soon as there is contact.

This is what I always do when ever I'm working with magick and energies. It always works, and it's always a blessing! And I'm completely thankfull for it!
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Re: Energy help
Post # 5
Try thinking about something that makes you really happy,and the thinking about something that makes you feel really bad,then before you get too depressed,think about the thing that makes you happy agian,that's supposed to be a fast way to raise energy,i hope it helps.
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Re: Energy help
Post # 6
Thanks for the story and advice truly helps :) and idk if this has to do with what were talking about but about 10 minutes ago as I was walking thru the mall I felt a huge pulse of energy or something,anyone have an idea what it could have been?
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Re: Energy help
Post # 7
All matter is energy and essentially information itself is energy, energy you'll be using in spells is partly material and partly immaterial and is highly attached to the subjective fabric of your being. The basic way to get in tune with this energy would be by
Raja Yoga, Tai Chi, and some Wiccan circle casting concentrating on
confining your energy to a circle, out the palms of the hands, down the body, then onto exerting it as thought: sending a thought ray out to a place to behold it remotely, seeing the life of a person by touching something belonging to them, conjuring the dead,
becoming aware of Auras and astral projection.
I would suggest rising on the planes and astral projection as a
means to acquire more occult knowledge on the subject.
Good day.
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Re: Energy help
Post # 8
Visualization works, visualize energy all around you, there really is, you know. Then visualize that you are drawing the energy into your body. Your none dominate hand draws energy, your dominate one sends energy. So visualize it being sucked into your palm.
Another way is to imagine you are inside the Sun, feel the turbulence and the energy. Soak up some of the energy.
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