Cat has passed

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Forums -> Wicca -> Cat has passed

Cat has passed
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
my cat I had for at least ten years passed away...
I want to honor her and help her pass to summerland, any suggestions?
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Re: Cat has passed
Post # 2

I wish her a happy afterlife and I offer you my condolences.

When a very close animal to me passed I burned some candles and make a nice grave near my house. I then sat down by the grave and just talked to him. I talked about all the great times we had, the struggles and everything else between us. Then I left an offering on his grave. I would suggest apple slices or cat food.

Then, every year on his death day I spend a day in meditation and talk to him on the astral plane.

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Re: Cat has passed
Post # 3
I am sorry for your loss
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Re: Cat has passed
By: / Novice
Post # 4
i had to preform a ceremony for my friends cat this year, but i didn't keep the ceremony i typed up, so i don't remember the words.

basically, you need a bell, a picture of your cat, a plant, cat treats, and a cat shaped candle [or a candle of similar colour to your cat]

say something welcoming everyone, and why you are here. say a prayer to Bast [it was along the lines of 'Houdini is now in Summerland, by your feet Bastet, protect and watch over her, as we have done'] ring the bell 3 times and light the candle, say how the candle is your cat, and that he/she shall return when the candle is lit, until it is gone or you have finished grieving. [if you don't want to have your cat attached to the candle, as my friend didn't, you can change the words. i think it's more of a comfort thing, but if you differently, change it around] after that, we all told a story about the cat. we then opened the circle and threw cat treats in all four directions as offerings.

the plant normally is buried on top of the animals grave during the ceremony, but if the cat's cremated, just take it home and care for it, it's a symbol of your cat living on, just as the candle represents your cats spirit. sorry i couldn't remember the whole thing, just do a google search, you'll probably find it or something similar.
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Re: Cat has passed
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
It is good to leave food and water sometimes and lit candles ,sending love and peace to it .Animal spirits move on when they feel they have the need to do so ,however it is always good to reassure them that you are good to keep going on your own ,now .You can also say few prayers if that is okey with the belief system you follow .Native Americans scatter tobacco to honor the animal spirit .
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