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Spiritual Blocks
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Many believe that in order to gain spiritual ability you must practice forms of empowerment and gradually raise the focus and power of your energy until it reaches the desireable level for the ability you want. For some this may be all that is required, but most struggle with blocks which will effectively stunt your growth, if you do not take notice of them and remove them.

Blocks come in many forms- but one of the most stubborn and oppressive blocks which can inhibit your ability is a layer of energy which is inherited genetically. This layer is separated into portions which block various openings that you have to the spirit realm- and without those openings your ability to access and manipulate the energy will be severely limited. The most remarkable of these blocks are those which prevent you from utilising your natural spiritual senses, which would normally allow you to perceive the spirit realm just as you perceive the physical realm, as constantly, as strongly, and in the same way.

Removing just one of these blocks provides access to the spirit realm on a level that is far more direct than what is possible when all blocks are in place. When there is no opening, all of your workings, meditation, and focus all will be inhibited by the layers which are always there. If you are so inclined, removing one of these blocks can open up new opportunity for you, especially if you feel that you have, for some reason, hit a ceiling in your development.

In order to remove one of these layers, you must learn to focus what energy you are able around it with the intent to both weaken and remove the layer- and to utilise the sense which it blocks. An example of this would be to focus on the spiritual sense of hearing- the spiritual ears are located around the temples, a bit further into the head from the surface. You would focus your attention there, visualising the energy flowing through this location with the intent to weaken and remove the layer covering the ears. You would also try to visualise a sort of spiritual sound being carried by that energy, so that you could focus your mind upon your spiritual ears hearing it. You will likely not hear anything for some time, but the intent and energy will build, ultimately getting you closer to your goal.

Do this every day for an extended period. A desireable amount of time will be from 30mins-90mins. Doing this, every day, with a high amount of motivation could get you to remove a layer at around 3 months optimistically. It depends on where you are at personally though, it could potentially take 2 years+.

At worst and if you have a low amount of motivation, and if you do not do it every day, it could take in excess of 20 years+. Make sure that if you pursue this path, you are ready to make it a priority, because otherwise you will have a difficult time accomplishing much for quite awhile.

Additionally, your emotional balance throughout this proccess is important. Anger, Depression, Sadness, Stress- all of these things will effect your spiritual work, especially if you allow them to overwhelm you. While you may at one moment meditate for an hour, and believe you have done well for the day- you can easily destroy what progress you made by wrecking havoc on your spirit with a flush of negative energy based on your emotions. Emotional balance will be very important throughout the whole process.

I should also add that multiple sessions of meditation and focus per day will not aid you greatly. Your spirit does require rest in order to grow and change, just as your physical muscles do when you exercise. Over-tax your spirit and you will find that it does not benefit you much. You are free to focus on other things throughout the day utilising your spirit- but overstressing the same thing will be redundant. The energy is there once you have focused it for that day through one reasonably-focused session, it is best to wait until the next day when you are done with it.

Once the sense of hearing is fully open- the block will never return. You will, on a constant basis, hear the spirits, and at times the thoughts of others. You will hear using your spiritual ears just as you hear using your physical ears, and in the same way- your spiritual sense of hearing will overlap your physical sense of hearing and they will sound similar. Each of the other senses will be similar in nature regarding that.

I wish you luck if you choose to pursue the removal of a layer, and thank you for reading.
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Re: Spiritual Blocks
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Spiritual Blocks
Post # 3
Bravo. Well written. I may very well have to incorporate these exorcises into my daily routine.
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Re: Spiritual Blocks
Post # 4
i love this post :D

I had a spiritual block, I stopped practicing for 3 months and when i started again, i had a lot of negativity.

It prevented me from absorbing and giving energy like i use to it also numbed my senses to almost not feeling at all.

It took till after the full moon and a week later to get it back to almost complete normal. During that time i became really happy, 'i was getting my magic back' i kept telling myself and i knew i was :)

Even now its still returning itself and becoming stronger and better, before i use to absorb energy in sections, now i can absorb and it just flows inside me. :D

I lost it cause i became sad and negative, it took me a week of positive to get the blockages removed :D

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