The Moth-Symbolism

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The Moth-Symbolism
Post # 1

The Moth

The moth is an interesting symbol. I've been noticing them a lot recently (I think this is partly because it is getting colder, and they come inside for warmth). I don't think anything unusual about them, I've just noticed them in peculiar places. such as at my schools window, and I noticed it when I would usually overlook such a place. In my room, all the time, along with my house. So I've decided to do some research on the symbolism of the moth.

The moth has similarities with the butterfly, however, there are a few differences. The moth is nocturnal, and the butterfly is diurnal. The moth is usually associated with vulnerability (not always a bad thing), determination, concealment, attraction, subtlety, intuition, and faith. The moth demonstrates this faith and determination to fly to a source of light, even if it dies trying. The moth is vulnerable during this path, it is open to attack because it's mind is set on going to the light. The moth can also be considered alluring and mysterious, since they are so beautiful and hypnotic when the moonlight gleams against their wings. The moth is also at hiding within plain sight. They can camoflage themselves from predators, and adapt to the situation.

I've never really noticed the moth, until I let one fly free. It was trying very hard to fly through the glass patio door to my backyard. So I opened it to let it free, it didn't understand the door was open. So I got a cup, and a piece of paper, and captured it. I then took it outside, and let it fly away. Afterwards, I've noticed moths more than I have before.


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Re: The Moth-Symbolism
Post # 2

Very interesting and informative, I like it

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Re: The Moth-Symbolism
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
What I find interesting about the moth is it is like the homing pigeon. The homing pigeon uses the sun as a compass, but on cloudy days uses magnetic cues. The moth, as a nocturnal creature uses the moon as a compass, but also has an internal geomagnetic compass to navigate. But our moth friends aren't great at telling the difference as to what bright object is the moon and what isn't. Since moths fly toward the moon, any bright light ends up confusing the poor things and they fly into them. I don't believe they understand why they're flying into something and keep trying different angles but continue to find opposition...or end up killing themselves in fire.

Since moths do orientate themselves by the moon, the symbolism of lunar energy would be very strong for this creature.

And if a moth is at your light, do it a favor and shut it off so he/she can find his/her way again. Or change them to yellow bulbs (they don't respond to yellow light). What makes it hard is they take longer to adjust their eyes than we do from bright to darker areas, so they may linger a while until they can see well again.

As for your story, it reminded me of a moth this summer. I had a moth camp out on my balcony for two nights. It finally snuck in and I found it sitting happily under my reading lamp. It appearred to be sleeping. I took it back outside after a few hours and never saw it again. It got what it wanted. Hehehe. They're cute.

I do believe in insects as signs. When I began to think I may be pregnant, I walked out onto my 2nd story balcony (right outside my bedroom) to find a cricket perched on the table there. I sat there for over 30min..with the tiny cricket. It never moved despite me moving around the balcony (and crickets are usually very skittish). I even placed my drink on the table next to it! It only stepped to the side alittle. After this unusual encounter with a cricket, I looked up the symbolism of the cricket and it is luck. Ever since then, our lives have been steadily inclining monetarily and a baby on the way. =)
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Re: The Moth-Symbolism
Post # 4
ive been having a lot of moths appear in my room over the summer and i rather enjoy their company. in a lot of horror movies moths are associated with demons and things of that nature,however when i noticed a bunch of moths camping out in my room i never felt any sort of evil intent from them being here,granted i do have a demon who is hiding above and behind my alter and who follows me around keeping a distance from me so i dont notice,he is waiting for me to use wicca for evil intent,but the whole plan is a mystery...anywho! ive always had a feeling that moths in my room was a good thing,and ive read in a post before reading this one that moths doing this is a sign of the mother goddess watching over you,which i assume is why ive always felt good having moths here. im a moon child,i adore the mother goddess over all others even tho i should love them equally,but i just cant help adoring her the most ^_^ and ive oddly enough had an encounter with her after reciting something from a book that calls upon her,i felt warm and happy and could feel her standing by me,i sat down and talked with her a while,and she embraced me calling me her "true child" i felt so happy i could have cried and i hugged her back...i could feel her...or rather her energy as she did not come to me in a full manifestation.but none the less i did feel her and speak with her. sorry for the long response... it must be annoying to listen to me ramble like this :)
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