Need love spell ASAP

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Need love spell ASAP
Post # 1
Hi spells of magic community I'm in need of a love spell I really need a strong spell it would also be fine if someone would cast it for me I would very much appreciate it well my story is that i just recently had my first child 7 months old and now that things are not going right with me and the mother she has fallen in love with someone else and now she wants to move out and be with that person and I really love her and my son and I don't want my son around him and the only way to keep my son and her is for her to fall in love with me can someone PLEASE HELP!!!!
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Re: Need love spell ASAP
Post # 2
Well have you tried looking at the love spells in the video section of Spells of Magic?
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Re: Need love spell ASAP
Post # 3
Yeah but they r not strong enough
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Re: Need love spell ASAP
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
I will Never understand why some people want to Force another person to go against their free will? Why can you not let things happen naturally? That is the way life is if you can not accept that then I am sorry. Forcing someone to go against what They want is beyond wrong! It will end badly and back fire.

If it is meant to be then it is meant to be leave it alone! Unless you really want things to get worse!
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Re: Need love spell ASAP
Post # 5
I don't know what's wrong with most of people here,love spell don't just get backfire,it depends on the caster, I'm spell practitioner of 27 years experience and 5 years counselling,there is must be a reason why she left you for another man Cjay,maybe you are hurting her or something,I don't advice you to cast love spell on her cause you going against her free will but if you did nothing to her,she just left you for another man,if she knows she can't be with you forever why did she fall in love with you in the first instance, you are free to cast love spell on her,nothing will backfire on you,I'm assuring you of that. Pls try to know the reason of a situation here before jumping to conclusion.

Blessed be.
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