how to tap in it

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how to tap in it
Post # 1
well im 33 live in canada ont i always thought there was something different with me..i seen and heard alot of things in my life that i cant really i start it to research about it.. i read a lot of book on wicca witches n im always finding myself watching tv show and movies about magic or wicca that was before i start it to research it like one day i was sleeping and wake my self up and it left like as soon i wake up my body just fell like i was floating and as soon i open my eyes i drop down back in my body n i found this site and know im just looking for some one that could be my teacher ples fell freeto masg me i also was able to make a pop can move years ago with out having wicca by my side so i know i have some kind of gift but i dont know how to tap in it
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Re: how to tap in it
Post # 2
This has to be the stupidest post I've ever seen

You watch TV shows about magic and now you're a witch? If I go to the zoo does that make a Koala?

The rest of this was just so hard to even understand
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Re: how to tap in it
Post # 3
No it wasn't,you have to re-read it carefully,and stop at each sentence.
I understand it perfectly.
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Re: how to tap in it
Post # 4

A start would be to try typing your posts so they are easier to read. Also, we can't really move this physically with something rooted in non-physical realms (such as astral and etheric).

I suggest you look up some authors such as Christopher Penczak, Scott Cunningham, and others. Research about Witchcraft and different paths as see what speaks to you. It would probably be best for you to learn your basics first (basics are practices that can be found in and/or used in any path), such as centering, grounding, cleansing, energy flow and control (which isn't true control, as you are working with the energy), feeling and sensing energy, tuning in with nature (not a part of all paths, but most and it really does help), meditation, etc. There are plenty of books on the subjects and it really is enjoyable immersing yourself in the topics. Definitely worthwhile if you feel it's right.

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