How to find my element

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How to find my element
Post # 1
Hello. How do I find my element? Some guy challenged me to a fight so please tell me how! I only have 5 days to prepare 'cause he will be going away for a while.
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Re: How to find my element
Post # 2
You can find your element by Zodaic which some of us call it as Birth Element. Or you can find it by your feeling towards a specific element by meditation, usual chores or work around the elements.

There are five Elements Earth, Fire, Water, Air and the Spirit. We consider Four elements as in our surroundings in our sense. As the spirit is a vital force and it's origin and other things are unknown and it's is s very long journey learning about it. You can find your element by working with the elements by bonding yourself and the element you like. Find yourself about the elements you know and like and meditate on it. You can just meditate on every element and figure out which you feel attracted to the most. Good luck in finding your element.
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Re: How to find my element
Post # 3

Actually your element does not depend on your astrological sign because all people have all signs and your planets and calculated points will be in several of them.
People also do not "have an element.". You may be gifted with a particular element, but as different elements do different things it would be foolish to try and specialize in one (or two, as the case may be).
What people think of as "your sign" is basically ust your sun sign; you also have a moon sign, a mercury sign, a Venus sign, etc.. Your natal astrology is a snapshot of where everything in the astrological sky is, not just your sun. For example, I'm sun and Venus Aries, Luna Virgo, Mercuy and Jupiter Pisces, etc. The signs themselves, even those you don't have a planet it, still affect you and this can be seen most readily in the Rising sign and the Midheaven.

Humans are made up of and contain all elements. Each element has its own, particular use.

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Re: How to find my element
Post # 4
I actually believe in the use of two dominant elements.
One being that which is assigned through your zodiac, and the other witch which you work best.

Now the difference lies in their uses and how they're discovered.
The zodiac element of course you find through the zodiac correspondences but you use it for things like rituals and anything that requires more of a traditional and rigid feeling or purpose.

The one witch which you work best is used in energy work or anything else that personal to you and your general character. The element you work with best you have a deeper connection with and it's much less formal.
You find this element usually through trial and error or similar processes. You can meditate on it, ask a guardian spirit or alike, you can approach each element individually and analyze the connections you feel, etc...
This element actually takes time and energy.

The main difference between the two is like that between the name you were given at birth and say a magical name or nickname you choose for yourself. Name you were given at birth by your parents, formally signed on your birth certificate and you must use it for for all forms and official documents. A magical name or nickname you choose for yourself is more personal and takes deep thought on your part. You don't typically use it for official documents but you do respond to it and take to it. You make it your own on a deeper level.

Of course you don't need two names just like you don't need two elements. You could actually be satisfied with the zodiac correspondence while it coincidentally is that which you work with best.
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Re: How to find my element
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Welcome.
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Re: How to find my element
Post # 6
i know im either water or earth but im kind at 1/2 and 1/2 i love to be in water but i love to be in the mountains and forests and scary animals dont effect me.
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Re: How to find my element
Post # 7
I see by the date of your post that you probably already had your fight, that said, I hope you learned something about fighting. The only winner in a fight is the one that got out of fighting in the first place.

I studied martial arts from a 4th degree black belt, he said if a student got into a fight then he lost. Meaning that his job as a teacher was to see to it that you learn never to get into a fight.
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