Odd dream

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Odd dream
Post # 1
Hello everyone, hope everyone is having a pleasant day. I am normally the type to never have dreams, if I do I never remember them. I looked around for a few weeks now looking at sites to try to figure out this one strange dream i had two weeks ago. I can oddly remember it even after all this time. I just want to know if it?s just a weird dream or is it telling me something about my future.

So it all started out during the day, late afternoon when I was walking towards a government building that I saw a few times in my town although I can never remember was it was for. It had this huge grassy field in front of it with no trees and was close to a busy street but in my dream it seemed like my old school yard. There was a group of four people, all looking in their 20?s with black cloaks and had their hood on. One of the guys was taunting a guy who use to go to my school, he looked slightly older too, maybe nineteen or twenty, I was around that age too. Afterwards they were heading in my direction, I did my best to ignore them but I couldn?t help but keep looking at the girl because she was staring at me and hit my shoulder. From what I remember she has short blonde hair and was around my height of 5?4??, the guys were taller with one being very muscular while the other two were slender. I got this odd feelings from them like it wasn?t going to be the last time I see them and it wasn?t a good feeling either. like they had a dark presents.

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Re: Odd dream
Post # 2
Well it sounds like the dream is trying to tell you that you'll see them again, like you said, but there'll be something off about them. The girl that you saw will(maybe?)show up more then the guys since you saw more about her and contact her than them. So this is merely my guess to it because I get these dreams all the time, their very difficult to decode, especially when you haven't seen them before.
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Re: Odd dream
Post # 3
Thats a pretty good idea, I had that idea that maybe i will seem them again in dreams or maybe in real life I don't know. My mind just thinks about it a lot, then again I am a very cerious person.
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