I am skeptical...

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Forums -> Introduce Yourself -> I am skeptical...

I am skeptical...
Post # 1
That these spells even work. In fact I think it is all delusion of your minds.

So this is your chance to prove me wrong.. Do something good for me please. I will respectfully tell you if it has worked or not. Infact I am kind of lonely and sad and I have somewhat turned to alcohol these past few months.
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Re: I am skeptical...
Post # 2
If you yourself don't believe in it, then how will it work properly? It is up to you to believe or not. I shall pray you give up alcohol and lose the sadness.
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Re: I am skeptical...
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Ask a holy man to prove the existence of their god(s), a lover to prove their devotion, or that a friend actually cares about you. No one can prove these things you simply have to believe and trust in them or the whole thing will come crashing down around your ears.

Perhaps the notion of gods and magic is truly nothing more than a mental delusion, so what? If the existence of these things allows people to become more spiritual and ultimately better people then why should we argue against it?

I too shall pray that you find happiness but I can not prove the existence of magic to you.
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Re: I am skeptical...
Post # 4
I believe in demons, so I challenge anyone to rid these demons from me.
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Re: I am skeptical...
By: / Novice
Post # 5
No one here can cast a spell and make all the problems go away, if we could then we'd have done it thrice over by now for the entire world, but we can't. I'm sure everyone here will be willing to help you face these demons (for the record demons here are considered to be significantly different than this interpretation) however that's all we can do, help. Ultimately if you want to conquer something you have to do it yourself. We'll be here to listen and to talk through hard times and we'll lend all the energy we can spare but we can't make all life's problems dissolve before you.

Think of it as fighting a battle, magic and religion can help provide you with the things you need to conquer that battle but ultimately, even with an entire arsenal at your disposal, if you don't fight you won't win.
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