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Need a teacher
Post # 1
So I need a teacher...well technically not really a teacher but rather an advisor and yes I guess a teacher. Let me know if you can help, I specifically need training on spells...send me mail or let me know about it of you're willing to help and if I think you can help me I'll get back to you asap. Thank you!
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Re: Need a teacher
Post # 2

Generally, you will find that not many practitioners who are actually knowledgeable and know what they are talking about will not teach. Simply because they, along with many other practitioners of the craft, have spent days, minutes, hours, and even years finding valid and reliable information. Many people are too lazy to get up and work to find their information, so they "need" a teacher.

I understand this may be confusing, but if you are truly dedicated to finding information, you will succeed. Like many others on here.

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Re: Need a teacher
Post # 3
I guess what I'm looking for is not information...I have a source I could go to to get info whenever needed, so information isn't what I need...Its more or less things that can't be found on the Internet because most people don't know about them.
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Re: Need a teacher
Post # 4

Most things can indeed be found on the internet if you know how to properly use a search engine. Also, if you cannot find something on the internet, look in books. Many people have free e-books you could read for information.

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Re: Need a teacher
Post # 5

Hm, having a mentor or a teacher isn't such a bad thing, and it doesn't necessarily mean that it will spoon feed you or lead you to the wrong direction.

However, you must be aware of some things :

- Indeed, a good mentor or a teacher will not spoon feed you at all. What they can do for you is to help you out with your path for a little, sharing their personal experiences with you and the wisdom they've earned all these years, and of course that they will help you to see the best and safest directions for you.

- Not everyone you meet is the best person to learn from. Remember that not everything is like what it seems. People might have bad intentions, so be careful with who you choose to guide you.

While experienced and good mentors may be a very good thing to have, you must remember that you're the one who experiences that amazing path of the craft. You build it, use it, and choose it. It's your own path and journey, meaning you're the one who shall walk in it and learn from it. :)

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