Instant Karma

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Instant Karma
Post # 1
I have just completed the spell of karma which I found on this site. I have never done a spell before and was wondering what the outcome for myself and for the person I cast it upon will be.
What I wish is for this person to feel everything they have done to others and hopefully grow some remorse and sympathy.
However, I cast this spell out of anger, knowing that I should have perhaps waited until my anger had passed, but at the same time it made me feel so much better just thinking that perhaps this person would just get karma immediatly.
Any thoughts would be much appreciated :)
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Re: Instant Karma
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I don't really know so I'll just say my opinion. I don't think we can influence karma like that:the Law has two pillars, Mercy and Justice. I don't think we can influence the karma to act immediately, that's mean that Mercy couldn't had taken place. Only gods decide when we pay and how we pay for the karma.... I believe that what you cast was more of a curse, you manipulated energy to bring bad luck on the other one or to feel your pain. And the one who casts a curse is punished(it's written even in the rules of witchcraft). This is what I believe...
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Re: Instant Karma
Post # 3
My opinion is that karma doesn't always get to people,and so sometimes you have to help it,that's why i don't follow the "an it harm none do what yey will" part of the wiccan rede,but then again,i'm also not a wiccan,so most people might disagree with me,but that was just my opinion,so i expect people to disagree with it.
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Re: Instant Karma
Post # 4
I believe that would you did was fine.
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Re: Instant Karma
Post # 5
as one that follows wizardry i would have to say that if you do not control you rage and let it come down before sending a spell. the out come would be far worse than what you intended it to do.
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Re: Instant Karma
Post # 6
Thanks for the replies :)
Ive never actually done a spell before in my life, or know much about the wiccan laws, but I did know, before I cast the spell, that if I were to cast one of revenge, then it would come back three times as bad upon myself.
I justified this by thinking if I cast a karma spell, I wasnt exactly wishing revenge or harm upon the person, just bringing them the same thing that they bring to others, because I dont believe this world is always fair, and I dont believe karma is always dealt to those who sometimes deserve it.

I am holding this anger and cannot seem to rid myself of it. This person caused so much harm to others and to myself and to be honest, I want them to know how it feels. I chose karma also because I feel like I have been a good person, and have never intentionally harmed others, so if I did get the spell 3 times as bad back on myself, there wouldnt be much to harm me.
Is this strange logic?
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