How to contact a goddess?

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Forums -> General Info -> How to contact a goddess?

How to contact a goddess?
Post # 1
I've recently come accross a goddes called Yemaja(African Deity) and I feel a strong connection to her. So I was wondering if any of you had tips or suggestions to contacting a god/goddess :)

~Blessed Be
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No Subject
Post # 2
you should leave an offering and ask her to connect with you. Welcome her by doing something that would please her. Maybe build a little altar for her with things should would like. just like you my goddess lilith chose me. She appeared to me in meditations. Liliths blessings, Cielo
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Re: How to contact a goddess?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Mystic i believe her name is spelled Yemaya if you mean the African Goddess of the Sea(Orisha ) .She also is incorporated in Santeria path .People set up altars for her ,they also sell statues with her image ,but you can substitute it with picture or oracle card dedicated to her .Some Goddess Oracle decks have her included .
You can put on her altar sea water ,blue stones (aquamarine ),blue and white candles ,sea shells ,flowers on (especially white and blue) ,because she is depicted in such colors .I have heard that her number is seven so you can give her gifts in seven like seven coins .You also can wear pearls and white and blue cloths to attune more to her .People write and say prayers to her .

Here is example for one such type of prayer

For contacting deities you simply must dedicate a place for them in your life and get yourself attuned and open toward them ,many people set altars for them and spend some time studying ,calling ,praying upon them .Sometimes deity will call you and sometimes you feel drawn to it .It is similar to building relation with human friends it takes time and devotion .
I do not work directly with deities i rather study them ,but that is how i have heard and read things are for others .
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Re: How to contact a goddess?
Post # 4
oh ya that's what I meant, I wasn't sure If I was going to spell it how it was pronounced since a few sources say it's spelled with the j :P

And thank you for this information :D i have made a few jewelry peices dedicated to her and I plan to set up my alter to honor her as well.

~Blessed be
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Re: How to contact a goddess?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
do a lot of research on the Deity, a couple pages at least. Learn their history, symbols, what they stand for, Offerings, etc. You should get to know the Deity so you can better understand her.
Theres a lot of ways to contact a Goddess or God, I usually use a invocation that I found for that Deity or wrote myself. You can also use Herbs and Incenses that correspond with the Deity, or things that represent the Deity.
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Re: How to contact a goddess?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Dedicating jewellery to her is very neat indeed .Way to go .
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