The Basics.

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The Basics.
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I am disliking how many believe that they can spellcast without learning the basics first. Many spells here require a basic to be able to be casted properly. I will give a short description of each.

Visualization- Basically, visualization is being able to picture things in your mind. For a money spell, you may want to vizualize (picture) yourself getting money.

Meditation- Meditation is clearing your thoughts for an amount of time. Meditation calms you and can make you feel peaceful at times. There are many meditations you can do. I suggest doing research on the various meditation types. My personal meditation is laying down on my bed with incense surrounding me. You may listen to music if you wish.

Grounding/Shielding- This is a part of energy work. Grounding is getting rid of the excess energy you may have and making your energy balanced again. In the process, you are giving back to the Earth which is very important. If we take without giving back, then there will be nothing left. Shielding is surrounding yourself with your own energy or energy from the earth to form a shield around you to block out negative energies or even positive energies (makes your energy unbalanced). Some like me do not do Shielding because we have adapted to those energies that surround us.

Days of the Week (Magickally)- Please do forgive me as I do not know much about this. Basically, the thing with the Magickal days of the week is that there are certain days in which you should cast a certain spell.

Moon Phases- The moon is forever changing, we can agree, yes? So the thing with moon phases is that you could cast certain spells during a certain moon phase and it is said to amplify the spell. I have posts on the moon phases under General Info.

Tools- There are tools a Witch uses during spellwork, mainly when they are circle casting (which we will get into next). The tools are the Athame for the Element Air, The Altar for the Element Spirit, A Candle for the Element Fire, a Pentacle/Pentagram for the Element Earth, and a Chalice for the Element Water. Other tools may be Runes for those who practice Rune Magick, and Gems and Crystals for those who practice Gem and Crystal Magick.

Circle Casting- This is when a Witch Castes a Circle for spellcasting or to protect. You put four quarter candles (Watchtower Candles) for each of the elements, and you invoke them, making sure you have all the tools you need for the spell you need before casting the closed circle. Once the Circle Casting is done correctly, you may cast your spell or work on what you wish. If you are casting a spell, do what you need to do in the circle, and if there is anything else you need to do outside the circle, wait until you open the circle before leaving to do so. To open your circle, thank the elements for helping you in a circular motion, snuff out the candles, and you are done.

Energy Flow and Control- This is also a part of energy work. Basically, you must know the energy in which you gather. You must understand the energy that flows in our world and how it helps us. Energy cannot be controlled though, it may be gathered.

Herbalism- There are many herbs here in our world, and many are used magickally. For those that are interested in Herbal Magick, you should research all the herbs that are used in Magick, but first, go to your kitchen, list all the herbs you see in there and research the Magickal uses for them. You may be surprised.

Chakras- Also another part of energy work. There are seven main Chakras you work with, the Chakras being the seven focal points of where energy is within you. The seven Chakras are the Crown Chakra at the top of the head, the Brow Chakra or the Third Eye in the center of the forehead, the Throat Chakra, the Heart Chakra, the Solar Plexus Chakr located below the ribs, the Sacral Chakra situated in the lower abdomen, and the Base or Root Chakra located at the base of the spine. Many work from the bottom up (Root to Crown Chakra).

I hope this is able to help the beginner Witch. I hope I got if not all, most of the information right here.


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