black magick... Begginer

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> black magick... Begginer

black magick... Begginer
Post # 1
i would like to start with black magic so i was wondering for some advice and spells to begin with...
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Re: black magick... Beggi
Post # 2
If your just starting magick overall, you might not want to use black magick. Also you will probobly hear from many diffrent people on this website that it is dangerous for a begginer like you because of the three fold, karma etc and who might lose control of it and attract dark spirits which will not be happy. If you insist on ignore my before advice I would say you have to start with protection or you'll hurt yourself. Then I would say go to bad luck spells then continue from there. Good luck!
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Re: black magick... Begginer
Post # 3
Before you can even get into casting spells, you need to learn the basics. Also, Magick is Magick. If you use it for positive or negative purposes depends on entirely you.

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Re: black magick... Begginer
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Well the first question you'd have to ask is what is it you mean by black magic? Magic is often classified into colour by its intent and different people view the boundaries between black and white in many different places, including having no boundaries at all. As already said though it's an idea not to start with what most people consider black, or to at least think it all through rather carefully. There is karma and the three fold law and all the other sources of repercussion that you may or may not believe in but even without those aspects of it you need to first be skilled enough to protect yourself from what you're working with and more importantly, how to fix it when things go wrong.
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Re: black magick... Begginer
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Start with the Basics, they can be found through Google or another search engine, if they are difficult to find,
add 'magick, pagan, occult, wicca' ect to the search.
The basics are as follows:

Circle Casting
Colors and their meanings
Moon Phases and their meanings
Days and their meanings
Hours and their meanings
Herbs and magick Tools (Stones, wands, altars, ect)
Energy Manipulation
Astral Projection and the Planes of Existence
Charms and Chakras

If you're looking to get into the negatives of magick, curses, hexes, bindings, ect, these will lead you down the path you're looking for.
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Re: black magick... Begginer
Post # 6
thanks everybody ill have on my mind the treefold law and karma. Im learning about magick three years already and was just using simple spells like good luck spells and i was meditating alot. I also know most of the things like moon phases ,herbs ,gems wands and so on . And also i know it could get back to me but also can every other spell if it wasnt cast in the right way or in the right state of mind . Thanks again for the tips. Black magic for me is just like the normal understanding of magic just that its a little bit more dangerous for the caster to use because of the three fold law.
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Re: black magick... Begginer
Post # 7
also i dont like using the term "black magick" its just not apropriate .there are more then just black and white magic . There are a tousand shades of every kind of magic and the differences are sometimes so thin that you cant tell the basicly there is no black or white magic its all MAGICK
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